SOZO, a Singapore event organizer that has successfully organized various pop culture events in South East Asia, once again presents another pop culture event in Indonesia. Named Creators Super Fest 2017, this event will bring a lot of creative contents, both from local and international creators.

Creators Super Fest will become a new “host” for both local and international creators, and also pop culture fans in Indonesia. Many exciting and educational activities are prepared in Creators Super Fest 2017; ranging from workshop, talkshow with Japanese professional illustrator, cosplay, music (creator act and anisong DJ performance), creator game, and many more.

Many prolific national and international guest stars have been confirmed to participate this event, which is to be held at Grand Ballroom Pullman Hotel Central Park, Jakarta, on Saturday to Sunday, April 29 to 30, 2017. One of them is John Hathway, a Japanese illustrator who is well known for his science fiction-themed work, and Okita Kung, a character designer from Thailand. There are also many international guest cosplayers from various nationalities: Hana & Baozi (China), M.G. (Hong Kong) and Ying Tze (Malaysia).

More Lively with Indonesian Favorite Local and International Musician

Music is one of the main attractions in Indonesian pop culture event, both for fans and visitors. Many national and international musicians are scheduled to perform in Creators Super Fest. Some of them including a Japanese musician Kazu, and local musicians REDSHiFT, and Lazurite.

Discussion with Local Creator

Other than the international creators, many talented local artists also participate in this event. Some comic artists that will be present are C. Suryo Laksono and Dini Marlina. C. Suryo Laksono is the comic artist behind Tawur, and Dini Marlina is the illustrator of a unique Indonesian comic titled Math. Not only comic artists, local illustrators will also be present in this event to share their knowledge and experiences. Some of them are Rahmat M. Handoko and Afif Numbo. Both of them had  worked as illustrators in 2 major American comic publishers, Marvel and DC Comics.

This pop culture event will also present many cosplayers, both from Indonesia and overseas. Those cosplayers are one of the headlines of this event. There are 4 local cosplayers presented. They are Franzeska Edelyn, Jeanice Ang, Clarissa Punipun, and Matcha Mei.

For gamers, Creator Super Fest also presents many local game developers. One of local games that will be presented is a game titled Legenda Nusantara (Nusantara Legend). Legenda Nusantara is a game about characters from Indonesian legend like Gatot Kaca, Hanoman, and the others. Interestingly, this game is co-produced with Japanese and Chinese developers, which offers better playing experiences.

One of the Guest Star’s Work Will be Displayed on Japanese Famous Landmark

John Hathway, a Japanese illustrtor will be presented as major guest star in this event. He also announced that one of his work will be displayed in Shibuya Scramble Crossing, a famous landmark in Japan as the largest intersection in the world.

Many exciting and informative entertainment are prepared in Creators Super Fest. The event will be open from 1000 WIT (West Indonesian Time) until 2100 WIT. Get your access to many entertainment and activities in #CSF2017 with the ticket available for IDR 55,000 on the, or from the ticketbox in the # CSF2017 venue event Pullman Hotel Ballroom for IDR 65,000. More information about this event can be obtained at or at Facebook Fanpage at

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