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Ayo Maen Dragon Nest Di?

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  1. xuflit

    xuflit Lyn Buraido Masuta Kaori Addicted!

    Patch on 15 November

    With great power comes great responsibility.

    There will be a major patch next week! We’re talking about over a whooping 600MB worth of updates. So spare yourself the agony of waiting by seizing the manual patch file before anyone else!

    IMPORTANT: Players who have downloaded the patch, PLEASE DO NOT INSTALL/PATCH THE GAME until 15 November 2011. Otherwise you will not be able to access the game!

    Be the first to experience our new content this 15 November 2011. Grab your manual patch file now but remember not to run the patch until Tuesday!

    These are the expected changes and content you can expect in the upcoming patch:

    - Hidden Stage (Chaos Opening)
    - 3v3 PVP Ladder
    - New PVP Mode: Captain
    - New PVP Mode: Free For All
    - PVP Ghoul Mode Updated
    - Chests added to Nest Dungeons
    - [Octagonal Water] standardized
    - [Wonderful Exchange Coupon] (Theme Park) standardized
    - Revised Game mechanics and system
    - Translation updates
    - Cash Shop updates

    If you like this news, "Like" our Facebook page!










    [youtube]pvxfsKMxv98[/youtube] [youtube]0wNYDuh_45Y[/youtube]

    [youtube]5xzyKud0x8I[/youtube] [youtube]ZVxoF-FmkQg[/youtube]

    [youtube]_daKsPnHs6A[/youtube] [youtube]XqYCCmwb35I[/youtube]


    System Requirements

    buat yang mau tes masing2 class atau kompi nya kuat apa ngga, bisa donlod demo nya dulu yg versi jepang ini
    offline mode, all char level 16 :D

    link luar:
    Megaupload link

    atau link lokal:
    Enterupload link

    IDWS link

    credit to uploader :shakehand

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    List pemain [Nick Kaori : Nick In-Game]:
    Felana : Felana
    Ceroberoz : Tudruru
    Harry4412 : Arcue
    PseudoAngel : FakeSaint
    putra michaelis : michaelisp
    Sekiguchi : Sekinyan
    Xuflit : Arxhas,SouMinato,Phagos,YuMinato
    Xinez : Aneue
    Magsilent: Magsilent
    gio93ivan: Rinechan
    Thompson : nonoriri
    eightdevil : Jhny3Tears,McKey,Garong,CariDeee
    gio93ivan : WindWish
    xuflit : Xuflit , Wyxdia
    BlackErnest : RavenLight
    Death (Who? @_@) : Isono
    Ceroberoz : Toohsaka

    Advanced FAQ
    ngambil dari sebelah dengan beberapa modif
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  2. xuflit

    xuflit Lyn Buraido Masuta Kaori Addicted!

    Advanced Class Guide
    Sword Master​


    Advantages: Their attack speed is faster than axes and hammers. Their common attacks will bring stiff effects to monsters. Aside from that, they have many continuous skills, gorgeous combos, strong survival ability in a nest instance and can interrupt monsters’ skill.

    Disadvantages: They have a small area of effect and low damage output.With all melee skills, sword masters are unable to cope with a group of monsters. Their magical skills cannot deal enough damage, either.

    Skills List Quote:


    Advantages: They have a larger area of effect and higher damage than sword masters in melee combats. Owning buffs and stiff effects, they cannot be knocked down easily. Additionally, they are strong in both Single PK and Group PK with rich combined skills.

    Disadvantages: Like sword masters, they cannot deal enough damage while challenging maps alone. They have less damage than archers and sorceresses, fewer continuous skills, slower attack speed, more difficult combos and weaker survival ability than sword masters.

    Skills List


    Advantages: Their agile manipulation and nimble moves can be felt through jumps and attacks at the beginning of the game. They have the most counter-escape skills, splendid combo skills and strong survival ability in map challenge and Group PK. Their acceleration skills (Speed up attack and skill-casting) are awesome to a group while challenging a map. They even have the highest critical strike rate when their agility reaches a high level.

    Disadvantages: Compared with Bow Masters, they deal less damage and have a smaller area of effect. They are easily interrupted while releasing spells and attacks as a result of their long range. They are a class mainly depending on equipment and controls, because they have few damaging and diversionary skills. Good equipment can compensate for little damage, while bad equipment nearly doesn’t cause any damage.

    Skills List


    Advantages: They deal the highest damage in the early stage. Their puncture and AOE attacks together with long range allow players to enjoy the excitement of dealing massive damage and handle a PK easily. In the later period, their DPS is almost equivalent to Elemental Lords’. They also take the role of containing a boss’ hatred.

    Disadvantages: Although bow masters have good skills, easy controls and excel at map challenge and PK, they don’t have any counterattack skills, so they cannot fight back as long as enemies get close. If they are encircled by a group of enemies, they are bound to die. As it takes them a long time to cast physical skills, they are easily assaulted. In comparison with other classes, they have lower HP and physique, thus they need good equipment.

    Skills List
    Elemental Lord​


    Advantages: They have the highest DPS in Dragon Nest. A strong elemental lord means a DPS dealer in instance. Having various slowdown and debuff skills, they can deal with various classes. They are an entertaining class with a variety of combined skills. They are also main DPS dealers in Group PK, their flash dodge and forceful flash dodge help them run away from a battlefield quickly.

    Disadvantages: They have a short attack range and most of their skills are melee ones, so they are required to possess stronger controls and consciousness than melee classes. Having weak survival ability, they are more likely to attract bosses if they don’t control hatred well. Additionally, they have few dodge and escape skills, they may die easily.

    Skills List
    Force User​


    Advantages: They have a variety of diversionary skills which can be cast upon bosses in a nest, in addition to a large area of effect. Therefore, force users are the most popular with groups while challenging a large nest. Their MP recovery skill is in demand most. Furthermore, their time-pause skill can be a decisive factor in Group PK.

    Disadvantages: Although force users cause massive damage in challenging maps. Their ability in Single PK is not strong enough. More often than not, they often avoid frontal conflict, and escape until the opponent is in cooldown, only at that time do they release skills. However, if two sides run away, the PK will end in a draw unlimitedly.

    Skills List


    Advantages: Priests are the only class capable of mastering various healing skills, boosting attack and defense and removing diverse debuffs. Meanwhile, they can use another kind of power- Light Element by worshiping Light God, so they also have DPS output. Moreover, they have high defense and physique, parry skill and strong survival ability, so they can challenge the Abyss instance on their own.

    Disadvantages: All of their skills are used to recover HP and buff. Therefore, they will let players down in Single PK. However, in Group PK, they can do nothing but help recover HP and cast holy aurora or anything else.

    Skills List


    Advantages: They are a melee class having the best defense and physique, the most parry skills, unique invincible skills, high damage, a healing skill, the strongest survival ability and the fastest attack speed. In Group PK, they can pin down 2-3 enemies and launch counterattacks in the enemy rear. They can also deal with various opponents and keep alive in a Single PK.

    Disadvantages: They are deficient in AOE skills and are easy to levitate enemies. They are not popular in challenging maps except exploring a nest. It is a bit boring to train paladins in the beginning. They are short of diversionary and chase skills. Fighting against them is more likely to end in a draw, unless you are very strong.

    Skills List
    Ini mah yang korea masi lama jgn harap disini buru2 ada :gg:

    Academic New Job

    Dragon Nest server Korea Selatan melalui situs resminya memperkenalkan sebuah karakter baru yang nantinya akan dapat dimainkan oleh para pemain Dragon Nest. Sebelumnya KotakGame juga pernah membahas mengenai kelas Academic ini, namun pada saat itu, karakter Academic ini masih sekedar rumor. Kini, dengan diumumkannya Academic secara resmi, maka kami rasa kelas karakter imut ini harus kembali dibahas!

    Diceritakan bahwa kelas Academic adalah seorang cewek berusia 13 tahun yang datang dari masa depan. Ia seorang yang dapat diandalkan tetapi seringkali ceroboh. Academic mempunyai sebuah pet bernama Alfredo dan sebuah "mesin tempur" bertenaga uap yang siap menemaninya dan bertempur bersamanya. Academic akan dapat "naik" tingkat menjadi seorang Engineer.

    Sebuah event spesial dilakukan untuk menyambut kelas baru ini, "New Generation Academic" yang telah berlangsung sejak 22 Juli 2011 sampai 28 Juli 2011 mendatang. Event ini akan menanyakan beberapa informasi penting mengenai kelas Academic ini.








    Tutorial Newbie

    1. JOB

    Job awal ada 4 war,archer,sorcerer,cleric


    4 4 nya gender lock, alias ga bisa ubah male/female, war&cleric=male, archer&sorc=female.


    Ga ada fatigue system lg, sekarang di ganti blessing point system, bisa masuk ke dungeon tapi ga dapet bonus exp kalo bless point abis.


    Game ini ga ada world map nya, karena emang dungeon based, jadi cuma kota-portal-dungeon-kota-repeat


    1 hari dapet jatah 5x ress, bisa di liat di bawah gambar muka char kita di kiri atas, reset ikutin abp reset tiap pagi.


    Sekarang di DN SEA, baru sampe job 2, bisa berubah di lvl 15, harus jalanin beberapa quest dulu, bisa berubah job di npc master skill tiap job


    Keyboard shortcut bisa di ganti di option, semua bisa di ganti kecuali f1-f10

    8. GUILD

    Bisa bikin lvl 10 di calderock pass, butuh 1 gold buat bikin, jumlah awal anggota 20, nambah seiring lvl guild. Lvl guild naek pake dungeon points, dapetnya tiap anggota selesai jalanin dungeon


    F1-F5 isinya quick chat
    F1 = Heal
    F2 = Attack
    F3 = Follow me
    F4 = Run Away
    F5 = Stop
    F6 = Help Me


    Chat command
    /s or /1 = general
    /g or /2 = guild
    /p or /3 = party
    /w or /4 <name> = whisper
    /r = bales whisperan terakhir
    C(default) = bikin room chat

    11. AUCTION

    Auction npc ada di tiap kota, sekali masukin cuma bisa 5 item dan 1 minggu cuma bisa masukin 30 item ke dalam auction*kecuali pake IM. waktu di auction itu 12 jam

    12. MAIL

    Mailbox ada di deket portal di tiap kota. 1 hari cuma bisa kirim 5 mail*kecuali pake IM

    13. ENCHANT

    nge++ in armor/senjata di npc blacksmith di tiap kota. batas aman ga pecah/hilang itemnya itu +6, +7 dan +8 bisa pecah/hilang tapi ga turun ++nya kalo gagal, +9-+15 kalo gagal turun ++nya ato hilang itemnya.
    senjata +7-+12 itu bersinar warna biru, +15 itu warna merah

    dari +1~+8 cuma butuh duit, +9~+15 butuh agate, atau rough agate, tergantung lvl equipnya.

    title nempa terakhir yg bisa di dapet itu di +11, master of streghtening ato semacamnya

    Simbol2 di quest=
    follow=target ada di next map
    search=target ada di deket char
    kill= bunuh mobs mana
    X biru= quest ada di dungeon laen
    X kuning=quest selesai

    15. ABP SYSTEM

    Abp ada di kanan bawah di bawah hotkey 6-10, per hari kalo ga salah dapet 700 point, per minggu dapet 900.
    Point harian reset setiap pagi jam 6-9 pagi*ga yakin
    Point mingguan reset tiap hari sabtu

    16. BONUS EXP

    Ada beberapa bonus exp yg bisa di dapet pas masuk dungeon
    - Masuk dungeon bareng temen yg sudah di add, bisa dapet 10-15% bonus exp
    - Masuk dungeon berulang2, bisa dapet 15% tambahan lagi, dah bisa stack sampe 3x, jadi total 45% bonus exp
    - Bisa dapet bonus ini butuh minimal 2 orang dalem 1 party

    17. STATS

    Fungsi status
    1 STR = .5 Phys. Atk (.25 Long Range), 3 Delay, 3 Delay Resist, 2.5 Stun.
    1 AGI = .5 Long Range Phys Atk (.25 Melee), 10.5 Critical Resist, 3.5 Critical.
    1 INT = .5 Mag. Atk (.75 for Sorceresses), 35 MP, 0.8 Magic Def.
    1 VIT = 30 HP, .6 Defense, 2.5 Stun Resist

    STR matters most to Melee Swordmaster / Mercenaries, Paladin.
    AGI matters most to Long Range Physical Acrobat / Bowmaster.
    INT for magic users obviously
    VIT is a secondary stat for all characters.


    Bonus Prefix di armor yg udah di ubah ke spesial
    Bear (% chance for delay resist buff),
    Wind (% chance for crit resist buff),
    Wisdom (% chance to reduce all elemental dmg),
    Elemental (% chance to greatly reduce a specific element),
    Indomitable (% chance to reduce dmg taken),
    Tent (% chance to reduce mag dmg taken),
    Flexible (% chance to increase mspd when hit),
    Vitality (% chance for stun resist buff),
    Life (% chance to recover hp when hit),
    Mana (% chance to recover mp when hit).


    A. Core system, ada 4 macam core
    - Agate core khusus armor
    - Crystal core khusus senjata
    - Diamond core khusus acc
    - Reset core untuk ngilangin efek core yg lama

    B. Efek2 nya
    -For Weapons, Armor, and Accessories :
    HP, MP, Str, Agi, Int, Vit
    -Weapons / Rings Only :
    Phys, Magic, Fire, Water, Light, Dark Atk
    -Necklace, Earrings, and Armor Only :
    Critical Resist, Stun Resist, Delay Resist, Fire, Water, Light, Dark Def
    -Weapons Only :
    Critical, Stun, MP Recovery, Magic Def

    C. Cara dapet core, dari dungeon, epic core drop dr abyss
    Tips= kalo dapet armor/senjata bagus di colok core dulu baru di unseal, biar kalo dapet stats jelek bisa dijual. Begitu juga kalo mau ++in lebih baik di kasi core dulu.


    A. Heraldy system, bisa buat di npc bailey. total ada 13 slot yg bisa di isi plate. Plate juga ada tingkatan dari normal-epic, ada chance bisa dapet +status laen pas bikin plate. semisal bikin epic plate vit lvl 40 yg nambah 80Vit, 7% more total Vit, pas jadi bisa nambah stat +atk 59. Tergantung hoki
    -8 slot luar itu buat plate2 yg nambah status, macam str, agi, vit, atk, crit dkk
    -4 slot dalem itu buat skill plate, pas bikin plate bisa milih nambah damage ato kurangin cooldown
    - 1 slot di mid itu spesial slot buat diisi plate skill boss yg drop dr dungeon nest.

    B. plate2 bisa dapet dari
    -drop dungeon, abyss/nest dungeon drop yg bagus yg epic/rare
    - beli di npc bailey/scholar2 laen, belinya pake dimensional piece*dpt dr silver/gold bunny
    - drop dr mobs biasanya plate normal/biasa
    - market
    - Colosseum

    C. Plate bisa di ganti2 sesuka nya, tapi plate yg sudah di pasang kalo di lepas bakal ilang, ga balik ke inventory


    Bisa di dapet dari selesain achivement ato quest. Ada beberapa title yg kuat tp ada syarat2nya.

    Title bisa di set semaunya, bisa tulisan nya hero of cbt tapi efeknya dari title the tenacious. tinggal di atur sendiri.

    22. NPC'S LOVE

    Tiap npc bisa kita kasih hadiah biar mereka makin suka sama kita*mirip2 game love simulation gitu. Ada untung nya kalo mereka semakin suka dengan kita, tiap npc beda efeknya

    Beberapa npc yg penting=
    -Golden Goose Guild :
    Made up of the merchants of Altair. Gain the liking of these guys and you're bound for some discounts!

    -Cassius Court :
    The Royalty of Altair. They'll provide you with the potential to become a strong adventurer!

    -Free Venturers Guild :
    Made up of all the adventurers in Altair. They'll provide you with the skills to become proficient at farming!

    Hadiah2 untuk npc bisa di dapet di dungeon, dan tiap npc berbeda kesukaan nya.

    23. Item2 yg ga penting/jual npc

    - hadiah dr board quest, langsung jual npc aja lebih mahal
    - equip2 putih
    - plate2 putih/normal

    24.Item2 penting

    - Dimensional key, kalo jalanin abyss dungeon keluar silver/gold bunny, kalo buka pake key ini drop2an lebih bagus, bisa dapet equip rare/epic
    - Dimensional pieces, buat beli plate rare ato di jual
    - Diamond piece, agate piece etc, bahan2 buat bikin heraldy plate.
    - Equip2 biru/rare ato epic/kuning. bisa di pake atau di jual, atau di ancurin di assembly machine di luar kota, jgn lupa di ++in dulu biar chance berhasil naek
    - Nest, dark lair ama sirkus tickets, kalo dah muncul

    25. ARENA

    Buat pvp, bisa buat ngumpulin medal, tapi hadiah yg di tukerin ga terlalu bagus


    Tiap job tree ada batasan berapa SP yg bisa di pake di skill tree itu, dan juga ada total berapa SP yg bisa di pake. jumlah total ini naek bareng lvl kita.
    Tips= ga bakal bisa pelajarin semua skill di skill tree jadi pilih yg bener mau skill mana, liat juga syarat2 skill yg mau di pelajarin, biar ga pas udah bisa belajar tapi syarat skill laen belum dipenuhi
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  3. rizki2lancer

    rizki2lancer Salva Nos Kaori Addicted!

    Wah, game baru ya?? Kayaknya rame :gg:

    Sayang baru masuk Amrik sma Korea
  4. Skeith88

    Skeith88 <img src="http://sadpanda.us/images/1402113-HUMBY1 Kaori Addicted!

    Di INDO KAPAAAAN ~~~~ :hun:
  5. rizki2lancer

    rizki2lancer Salva Nos Kaori Addicted!

    Kalo Juli aja baru terbit di Kore n US.. Di Indo kayaknya masih lama :depresi:.

    Kecuali coba maen yang server US.(Bagi koneksi Dewa :punch:)
  6. Skeith88

    Skeith88 <img src="http://sadpanda.us/images/1402113-HUMBY1 Kaori Addicted!

    Koneksinya itu masalah utamanya, speedy tk bisa di harapkan
  7. Itsukami

    Itsukami wub wub untz untz untz Kaori Addicted!

    Dragon Nest ya...

    Kalau mau main dari sini sepertinya butuh Proxy, karena game-game Nexon menggunakan Region Block. (dulu waktu saya masih main Vindictus soalnya pakai Proxy waktu akses gamenya) :swt:
  8. sealcover

    sealcover The Power of Imagination Kaori Addicted!

    seperti nya seru...

    gambar nya juga keren...
  9. Thunder

    Thunder New Member Kaori Addicted!

    hmm.. just a few questions:
    1. P2P or F2P?
    2.Job dasar-nya cuma 4 itu doang?
    3.kalo emang cuma 4 itu doang job akhirnya ada berapa?
    4.kalo job lanjutannya banyak... pake hybrid build path di game ini bakalan ngancurin chara gak?
    5.ada sub class system gak?
    6.Sistem levelling-nya lbh ke Quest ato Grinding?
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  10. Skeith88

    Skeith88 <img src="http://sadpanda.us/images/1402113-HUMBY1 Kaori Addicted!

    Ow~ kl gt saya harus mainin proxy nich, repot juga :depresi:
  11. Skeith88

    Skeith88 <img src="http://sadpanda.us/images/1402113-HUMBY1 Kaori Addicted!

    hmmm , blom dapet info lengkapnya sih, coba buka ini :
    YouTube - ‪Dragon Nest Advance Jobs Preview‬&rlm;
    setiap jobnya ada 2 advance job, totalnya 8 job. kalo soal build saya ga bgt paham sih, kayaknya semua job seimbang tuh kesannya, tergantung kita mainnya kan pada akhirnya?
    kalo soal leveling blom di kasih pnjelasan lengkapnya di site. baru kluar demo gameplaynya aja soalnya~ :pueh:
  12. Thunder

    Thunder New Member Kaori Addicted!

    hmm... itu setiap race cuma spesialisasi satu job doang?
  13. CerminSuara

    CerminSuara ♫Chiisaki Mono♫ KAORI Moderator

    lg nunggu obt DN sea,cbt baru mulai 13-19july

    bwt pohon jobnya

    1. warrior
    sword master ----> moonlord /Gladiator
    Mercenary ---->Barbarian /Destroyer

    priest ----> Saint / Inquistor
    paladin ----> Guardian / Crusader

    Elemental lord ----> Undine / Salamanda
    Force User ----> Majesty / Smasher

    4. Archer
    Bow master----> Sniper / Altillery
    Acrobat-----> Tempest / WindWalker
  14. Veel

    Veel Pseudo Idol Kaori Addicted!

    dari video di 1st post sih
    gameplaynya kayaknya mirip dragonica/grandchase tapi dalam format 3D
  15. CerminSuara

    CerminSuara ♫Chiisaki Mono♫ KAORI Moderator

    dragonica/gc itu side scroll,dn ini mmorpg hack n slash:ocha:

    gk sabar nunggu obt pertengahan agustus ini :cihuy:
  16. Veel

    Veel Pseudo Idol Kaori Addicted!

    kan saya bilang dalam format 3d -____-
    kalo GC ama dragonica itungannya 2d [dari kanan ke kiri sih]
  17. renchan

    renchan Life is Hard Kaori Addicted!

    yah d coba dulu aja..

    g doyan y jangan d mainin..

    kaya nya mw coba server US aja..
    |(maklum g bisa bahasa korea)
  18. renchan

    renchan Life is Hard Kaori Addicted!

    btw kalo game nya dah keluar kasih tw yah..

    link donlod, register, dll nya..
  19. Skeith88

    Skeith88 <img src="http://sadpanda.us/images/1402113-HUMBY1 Kaori Addicted!

    I have trouble ~
    Dah donlot client nya, dah bikin akunnya, dah aktivasi akun
    Pas main tau2 error:ngeselin:
    Ada yg bisa bantu?
  20. KamishiniAmaterasu

    KamishiniAmaterasu New Member

    Nama : Dragon Nest (ONLINE)
    Genre : Action MMORPG
    Status : Open Beta
    Server : SEA (Philipina)
    Publisher : Cherry Credits
    Developer : Sanda Games
    Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/dragonnestsea
    Website : http://dn.cherrycredits.com/

    Nah ini dia game online terbaru, yang udah lama wa tunggu-tunggu servernya buka, waktu lalu wa maennya server Nexon, tapi repot msti pake IP changer segala cause cman open wat North America doank! sekarang udah muncul server global ne, yang berpusat di Philipina, untunglah servernya deket jadi nggk bakal Lag kek maen di server Nexon! :piss2:

    Apa yang special dari game ini?
    ~selain graphicnya yang lutchu-lutchu, design character imoeth-imoeth bikin gemes, tapi landscapenya mantaph, pemandanganya indah

    Wah itu mah banyak game kek bgitu!
    ~jangan salah ini game Action MMORPG, alias nggk pake klik-klik system RTS, ini systemnya TPS, tapi maenya kek MMORPG biasanya! bisa juga loe pake gamepad lho! :hahai:

    ini liat aja wa nggk boong! :wuek: char wa masih copo!

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