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    90% artikel disini masih dalam bahasa Inggris, mohon yang jago B. Inggris untuk menerjemahkannya, karena jika memakai google translate, you know lah....

    dan 1 lagi, ini 140% bukan karangan gw

    1. Tiger Lily


    hi guyz, td gua abis dari LGF, ngebaca 1 komik hasil karya peserta comic contest, dia membahas tentang suatu legenda RO yang terkenal banget waktu di zamannya, yakni Tiger Lily, mungkin ada sebagian besar teman2 yang tau tentang hal ini, namun pasti lbh banyak yg tidak tau, sebab Tiger lily adalah karakter yang hidup di saat RO pertama x buka, bahkan job 2 belum muncul, waktu itu masih di server filipina, jd aku ikut mengangkat sedikit tentang kisah sang Tiger Lily ini... untung dia ga ke IDRO, haha.. tp sempat nyebapin mimpi buruk ke banyak RO-ers indo juga sih...

    yah... nick nya Tiger Lily, terdengar normal bukan? dan dia juga hanya seorang novice dengan gender female, msh normal bukan? yah memang... tempat nongkrong dia selalu di dalam rumah saat masuk ke Orc dungeon ( di luar orc dungeon kan ada rumah, baru masuk ke dungeon) nah dia duduk di pojok, n mukanya selalu menghadap ke tembok, dia ga pernah chat, hanya terkadang mengeluarkan ekspresi " " dia ga pernah kemana2, hanya di sana, selalu di sana, siang dan malam, terasa masih normal? yah, mungkin hanya player iseng, yg membuat misterius adalah, saat kamu masuk ke rumah tersebut, dan mencoba menyapanya, dia akan menjawab "go away, go away form me (nama anda)" ntah bagaimana dia bisa tau nama asli kita, bukan hanya itu! after that, player akan DC, internet putus, dan lampu kedip2, bahkan ada yg sampai mati lampu , benar2 suatu mimpi buruk untuk pemain RO, setelah di cek ke pihak developer, ternyata Tiger Lily bukan NPC, tp ID yg terdaftar, namun biodatanya tidak jelas, dan akhirnya dia pun jd misteri...

    ampe skr Tiger Lily msh terkenal di kalangan RO-ers luar, dan telah menjadi urban Legend RO, kalian bisa coba cari di Google, dan kalian akan nemuin artikelnya, so dia itu apa? player biasa? hacker? atauu...

    lanjut dikit, setelah gua cari info kemana2, n liat2 ke forum2 lama, ternyata ada kisah di balik Tiger Lily ini, Tiger lily sebenarnya seorang player biasa, seorang cewe, yg bisa di bilanx cakep, yg jd masalah adalah, dia meninggal di depan CPUnya saat main RO, di tahun 2004 setelah itu, selama 100 hari setelah kematiannya banyak hal aneh terjadi... kyk yg ku ceritain, n char nya ga pernah terbukti OL di server, n katanya lagi, sebagian besar orang yg ketemu dengan Tiger Lily ga punya kesempataan hidup untuk menceritakan lebih banyak, n sebagian lg jd gila krn frustasi akan mimpi2 buruk

    untung2... ga muncul di IdRO... huyuh...

    so? just urban legend... orr....

    2. Hinato
    This is a ghost story that was told by one the my best guild members.
    Believing or No, this is quite odd…

    (I wrote this in Word beforehand since it is easier ^_^ )

    I asked him to tell me the story again, “You ever hear of the ghost of Hinato?”
    Back then this was all new to me, ghost stories and such, “No I haven’t.”
    His voice was almost excited to tell it, “Alright then…”
    “Hinato was a priestess who spent all of her time at the cathedral in Prontera, one of those days a guild mate of hers asked her to take him to Thanatos Tower, she had agreed because she was planning on asking her friends if they needed help and this would keep her busy for a while. The trip there was uneventful besides the deaths at the beginning, they shrugged it off and kept on walking, well, while they were walking across the main hall, Hinato and Hikurai (That was the name he used for the other guy) started to hear the rattling of chains through their speakers, Hinato kept saying, ‘Maybe we should leave Hiku, I don’t like this place very much.’ their conversations started back up when the rattling stopped, ‘Nothing to worry about Hinato.’ Nonetheless she was scared about what was going on. Their trip remained quiet except for every little while they talked to each other, or the almost mute chanting that could be heard through their speakers. Even now Hiku was getting creeped out at the sounds and the occasional black shadow that followed them at times, ‘We are almost at the top Hina.’ He could hear that she was crying, ‘Are you okay?’ ‘Please can we leave?’ What the hell is wrong with her? Kept crossing Hiku’s mind, ‘We will leave in a second…’ it made him mad that they had came so far into the tower just to leave, next thing he knew he was back in Prontera, ‘…Always with the warp portal Hina…’ Choking could now be heard, he called the other members that were off and messaged the ones that were on to get to Thanatos as quickly as possible, no matter what level, when they got there Hina’s body was hanging from the ceiling as if she had hung herself. They tried to resurrect her but it never worked, which disturbed the priests that had come along, ‘Priests warp everyone back to Prontera or where ever! Just out of here!’ Once everyone had left he looked around, ‘This isn’t possible, you can’t be hung in this…’ He walked under the body not taking his eyes off, and again he ended up in Prontera, couldn’t of been a warp portal, everyone was gone and Hina was…Dead.
    Minutes later he got a phone call, it was Hina’s parents they told him that she was dead, she just laid slumped over her keyboard with the marks of hands around here throat. He had been to her house before and there was no real way for anyone to get to her room that he knew of without going by her parents who said they were sitting in the room right outside of Hina’s. There were no windows for anyone to get in and her parent’s could hear the slightest movements which he knew from experience, also, the hand prints on her neck looked as if they came from in front of her, and they were bigger then her parent’s hands. Five days later in the paper it had said, ‘Teenage Girl committed Suicide’ No evidence was ever found of murder, on her screen were PM’s she received in Thanatos,
    ‘Get out. Leave this place or die.’
    ‘You will not survive if you keep going on…You or that boy.’
    ‘You’ll be dead in a few seconds, then it is your friend’s turn…’
    These messages have repeated through his mind anytime he got near Thanatos and once they appeared on his screen.”
    I stayed silent through most of his story, “That can’t be true. If it is whatever happened to Hiku?”
    The guild member just laughed over the Teamspeak server, “It is true, go to Thanatos at noon and look carefully, you can see her body sometimes…And about Hiku…He’s alive, you know that.”
    “…You are Hiku aren’t you?”
    “…Yeah…Now I ask you, haven’t you ever wondered why I have never gone to Thanatos with you?”
    “I just thought you were a lazy bum who liked to look at girls…”
    “It was all my fault she died, she warped me out right before and she got killed…All because of me…”
    “Shut up and let’s go, you are showing me where this happened…”

    3. Acolyte
    ~Tune from Mary had a little Lamb~

    " Have you seen the wicker man?
    The wicker man? The wicker man?
    Have you seen the wicker man
    that walks on Yuno Lane?"

    He takes his blade out his sheath
    Out his sheath, Out his sheath...
    He takes his Blade out his sheath
    and out your heart comes out..."

    Ragnarok Online is a game unfortunately plague by Bots. Hated by players, despised by many... However one stands legendary.
    Have you ever heard of the Bot in Urdr Server. The one that Bots to kill.
    He hunts solely for killing people...and they say if they take your game out in the game...
    So does your soul in real life.
    You will know if he's the bot we say. Because before he makes his kill...he circles around you.
    And before you die. The last thing you will hear is the sound of bells ringing tingling.


    "RUBBISH!!" Edgar Allan Poe uttered mockingly at the story Nathaniel Hawthorne just narrated.

    " In all my experience playing the world of Urdr, I have known every Bot in the map. Especially those who patrol my territory."

    " Ahh and I wonder why the great undisputed Guilds Master Edgar Allan Poe of the Novels Guild hasn't yet been apprehended. When you yourself is a botter? the vanguards should have your lions up at their trophy hall." Mary Shelly, the rouge said from behind the pub counter.

    Edgar chuckled back. " Thats why it's titled undisputed my dear...No one not even those lame brain called GM's or vanguards will even put me down.
    And you Nathaniel. " He turned to the blue haired priest, " Get those damn rumors about serial bots and urband legends out of your head. Seriously, where do you get such trash?"

    Nathaniel had a thoughtful look on his face. " But they say the rumors are true. Plus the said Bot has no master. Bram said his party mate disappeared during an Edgga hunt. When he called his house his family said that the boy was found in his room his wrist slashed."

    " Again Rubbish. Bram's party mates are known real life thugs and addicts. He himself got beaten at his front porch." Egdar retorted back, he was getting annoyed. He stod up and drank his Blue potion. " I'm leaving."

    " Already darling?" Mary teased.
    " I’m going on a Baphomet hunt." Edgar was already setting up his skills.
    " Why don't you just Bot it. You can beat the crap of that with your eyes closed... come hunt with me instead." Mary tried to win him over.

    " FEH, I’m bored." Edgar left. The voices of Mary and Nathaniel laughter slowly echoing away as he walked out of the pub.

    The Maze

    "Huff... Huff ... Huff" Blood was dripping out from his pole axe. The severed head of Baphomet laying at his feet. And other hunters staring in awe as he single-handedly defeated the monster with little ease.

    He was deep in the Maze just outside of Prontera. He just needed to navigate his way out when suddenly from another entrance a young female acolyte bumped in to him

    " Please help me!" She cried. " Please help me, he's after me!"
    Edgar was obviously irked. he does not like whiny little children coming at him for help. However the desperation of this one particular girl caught his curiosity.
    " Who's after you?"
    Just before she could answer an assassin came out from the same entrance she entered. He had a grin on his face that stated he was out for blood. Edgar looked at the name. Huntsman. " Hey you. You bothering this kid?" Edgar shouted to the assassin.

    The assassin only replied back with a laughing emoticon. He approached closer then took a slash at Edgar.
    "Nooo! Don’t hurt me!" The acolyte screamed. She threw a heal at Edgar. Who had very little damage from the attack.
    " Save your SP." Edgard brandished his spear. " You'll pay for that you B*****D!" he lunged in and poked his spear right through the assassins’ chest. he took only a small damage him self. And was laughing still. Some how Edgar was able to push the man near the warp entrance and the assassin disappeared for a moment only to re-enter
    then disappear.

    " Holy S****! That runt was a botter." Edgar realized as he watched the assassin warped in and out of the entrance. The name was unfamiliar, it was then he remembered what Nathaniel said back in the pub about the urban legend of the serial killer botter. Edgar took his spear and gave the bot a couple more stabs. In a few minutes the Assassin was laying down dead, and disappeared back to its spawn point.

    Edgar went back the acolyte who was now standing quietly in a corner.
    " Thank you." she mumbled. " I'm lost."
    " An acolyte shouldn’t be here in the first place. Damn it I'll walk you out." He went ahead her and entered the portal beside him.

    At the other end Edgar waited for her to come out. Pondering how can an aco survive the 2nd level of the maze alone. Suddenly his screen started to static. When it cleared up, the aco maiden was by his side.
    "Over here." And he guided the girl through the maze. However for some reason he could not find the last map out. 20 minutes passed. When he realized the girl barely spoke a word but just slowly followed him. Edgar was now very irritated and felt his time was wasted.

    " Look here, " He finally said. " I have to leave you here I still have somewhere else to be. " I already helped you out and stuff so I guess you can manage on your own now."

    The acolyte was silent for a moment. Edgar got up to leave. when he heard her say again " Please help me."

    " Look lady, I don’t have the time. If your soo concerned getting out of here, why don’t you just have yourself killed and you'll spawn back to where you came from."

    " Please help me..."


    " Please help me..."

    " Damn it are you freaking dumb or what?" He was angry now.

    " Please help me, please help me he's following me."

    Edgar now realized he has been played. The acolyte was actually a bot herself. He called out more a couple of phrases only to get the same automated reply. Edgar took out his spear. " What I hate the most is someone who wastes my time." He slashed the spear through her and she fell almost quickly still murmuring " Please help me..."

    Edgar's screen went on static again. By the time it cleared up his screen had a hazy shade of dark blue.
    Edgar real self felt hungry and decided to Bot his way out of the map.
    He programmed his computer with the right kore program and initiated the command.

    It was already 11: 17 at night. Edgar went down to get some snacks. He was home alone that evening. As he was drinking his beer he thought he heard a song of a child singing a song in the tune of Mary had a little Lamb.

    Have you seen the wicker man?
    The wicker man? The wicker man?
    Have you seen the wicker man
    that walks on Yuno Lane?

    Edgar looked around, and looked outside the deserted side street of his home. No one not even a dog was out. His mind must be playing tricks on him out of hunger.
    Edgar decided to go back up to see the progress of his character.
    Only to discover that his character has now wandered on some unknown map outside Yuno and his chatlog flooded with the words
    "Please help me... Please help me."

    "WHAT THE HELL!!" he took over his character and scrolled up the chat screen. It was endlessly flooded with the same phrase.

    Edgar ran around the map trying to find the entrance out. His chat once more again came out with the same phrases " Please help me, please help me"

    He found a warp zone. It was the entrance to Yuno. He entered the city. The town was deserted as always. Edgar thought he was able to avoid the girl. He even /exall to make sure he wont get any floods.

    However....he barely approached the kafra when he heard the same song from his room

    Have you seen the wicker man?
    The wiker man? The wicker man?

    " PLEASE"

    Have you seen the wicker man
    that walks on Yuno Lane?


    He takes his blade out his sheath
    Out his sheath, Out his sheath...

    " ME"

    He takes his Blade out his sheath
    and out your heart comes out..."

    Edgar spunn around his table. His room was now dimmed and dark.
    He looked back at his chat log. Staring as the words flooded his screen.
    This is impossible he thought where is the chanting coming from plus earlier patches of the game did not allow flooding already.

    Have you seen the wicker man?
    The wicker man? The wicker man?

    " PLEASE"

    Have you seen the wicker man
    that walks on Yuno Lane?


    He takes his blade out his sheath
    Out his sheath, Out his sheath...

    " ME"
    " WHERE ARE YOU B****!!!" Edgar was angry now. His fist clenching on the mouse of his PC as if it was the real spear he now has taken out.

    Have you seen the wicker man?
    The wiker man? The wicker man?

    " PLEASE"

    Have you seen the wicker man
    that walks on Yuno Lane?


    He takes his blade out his sheath
    Out his sheath, Out his sheath...


    Then laughter... a laughter coming from the speaker. A laughter of a little girl slowly being coarser and coarser by each chuckle. The song seemed too to come out of the speaker.

    " SHOW YOURSELF DAMN IT" Edgar spun the camera around. he looked at his chat log. he realized there was no name on the replys. he was now getting scared...was it a vanguard? A GM?

    Suddenly he spotted something peach a tthe side of his screen. A hem of a dress. He walked up. It was the acolyte. "****, what’s you're problem?" he approached the girl.

    The girl just laughed and suddenly stabbed him with a small dagger.
    "WHAT THE!!!??" Edgar knew that acolytes can handle certain weapons. Daggers included. And worse how can a player attack with in a city.

    " ARE YOU A F****N GM?" Edgar shouted, there was a good amount of depletion from his HP.
    " Help me....help me please" the acolyte girl hummed. She took another swing at him.

    Her dagger could not possible cause such damage and not even a GM only weapon has a dagger like hers, Edgar thought. His HP now was down to 45%.

    He ran. He could not attack her from the city even though she could. His best option was outside the map. he ran out towards the map entrance, drinking potions after potion of rejuvejation. He could see her following closely behind.

    Edgar was out finally. He noticed one of his guildmates was online and cried out to come and give him a hand. He barely sent out his message when he heard the sound of bells echoing from his game speaker.
    Then a slash from behind.

    The acolyte has caught up with him and took a fair amount of damage from him. Edgar's spear was now out. He slashed at the girl who seems un phased from his attack.
    The fight went on. She was only equipped with a dagger yet she had a speed of an assassin when it comes to slashing through. He made sure he took screenshots of his fight as evidence.
    " This must be some rouge GM playing with me..." he thought. He smirk at the thought of humiliating the Vanguards and GM's once he wins this battle.
    But they always end in some deadlock

    Finally after what seems forever, he was able to to fall his opponent. the girl acolyte was now sprawled on the grass. Her Blue black hair scattered along with her bell bon bons.

    Have you seen the wicker man?
    The wicker man? The wicker man?
    Have you seen the wicker man
    that walks on Yuno Lane?"

    He takes his blade out his sheath
    Out his sheath, Out his sheath...
    He takes his Blade out his sheath
    and out your heart comes out.

    The young acolyte chanted and laughed

    The screen faded in and out. By the time the static went away the girl was gone. He decided to walk out when a sandman hit him from underneath and killed his character instatly, Edgar didn not notice his character was at its last HP enough damage for him to be taken down by a mid leveled monster.

    He was spawned back to Prontera. He laugh laughed at the folly he just got with the sandman yet the thought of his experience with the acolyte made the hairs on his back stand. Since when did sound effects from headgears came out?
    He though of Nathaniel and his Bogus story. He was going to tell him he defeated his so called urban serial PK Botter.

    11: 56 PM It was late. Edgar felt the need to go to the bathroom. He left his character at the usual pub which was now empty and proceeded to take a wiss.

    In the toilet as he was washing up, Edgar heard the slight trickle of chimes... no like little bells from a distance. He ignored it and proceeded back to his computer.
    To his shock, his character was NOT in Prontera but back in Yuno...in some room. Sprawled. Dead.

    Edgar tried to re-spawn back to Prontera, but his screen kept returning him to the same spot and on the same position.

    Odd. His character had something different on it. The sprite was laid down not its like supposed to when a Lord Knight dies. He realized there was a dagger impaled on his characters chest. And a small pool of blood underneath.
    That was impossible for no action can be seen in any Ragnarok Online Gme

    Before Edgar could even reply, his screen went on static once more, going up and down the monitor...slowly as each screen passes he noticed a line coming from the chat box
    a Line that sent shivers throughout his veins.

    HELP ME...



    The screen went dead. Everything went dead. The lights, the coputer, the fan.
    Black Out? Edgar thought as he fumbled for his cellphone for a light. The lights suddenly went back up, however his cellphone didn’t seem to have a signal.

    " Damn it!" Edgar cursed. Scanning the room for a GSM signal. Nothing
    worse his computer didn’t seem to respond to turning on.

    Must be the power cord he thought. Edgar went under to check on the power cord, when the lights flickered again. Edgar quickly pulled out the power cord to his computer however from the shadows he noticed a light he knew was coming from his monitor.

    The room went dark.

    Edgar stood up. His heart was now beating really fast, he was now afraid. he was holding the power cord to his PC. And was staring through a lit screen of his computer monitor.

    The words scrolling up of the screen as if invisible hands were typing them


    Then he heard bells... from behind him. Closer.
    So close
    so close as if it could touch. As if it could hurt.
    Could Kill

    "Have you seen the wicker man?
    The wicker man? The wicker man?"

    Edgar closed his eyes and tried to ran but he was frozen in place.

    Have you seen the wicker man
    that walks on Yuno Lane"

    More bells, louder... closer


    He takes his blade out his sheat
    Out his sheath, Out his sheath...

    The room has now grown cold, he could hear footsteps behind him.

    He takes his Blade out his sheath

    Edgar opened his eyes and spun around.
    The lights were now back on.

    It was silent. Everything was back normal. He breathed out a sigh of relief. Must be his imagination. He needs to stop playing late so at night and drinking, he drank beer earlier. He must be drunk. Damn Nathaniel and his stupid stories.

    Edgar turned around. The room was back to being dark.
    And in front of him a woman in peach cleric clothes.
    Stained in dark blood. With a dagger on her hand.
    On the other was a heart. Still palpitating, each beat getting weaker and weaker.

    "and out your heart comes out..."
    She hummed coldly with a deathly smile on her bloodied face.

    Edgar looked on his chest... a gaping hole was on his left shirt, blood flowing.

    The girl approached him.... she wanted now more than his heart.




    4. Dancer Without Head
    Almost a year ago there was a girl who lived in my town and went to the internet cafè, she usually brought along 2 or 3 of her friends. They went to the cafè right after school, while they were playing her friend's kept saying that they saw someone walk by the hall carrying a knife so Jacob went to investigate while she told him that she was going to keep playing RO and so was Sarah. (I'm actually going by what was told to me by Sarah and Jacob.)

    Jacob's Story
    When he went down the corridor he saw his sister walking towards him with a note, which she had said was from a man in white clothes. Inside it said 'Get out of here.' He looked around and his sister was gone, which literally made him wet his pants, he ran back to where they were at the computers...

    Sarah's Story
    After Jacob had left she kept hearing weird sounds from the computers like light laughter of a child, she tapped Heather on her shoulder and asked her if she heard it, which she nodded and kept playing and Sarah went back to playing as well, they were both wandering Niflheim (Spelling?) training, the computers flickering every time the laughter repeated itself. They sat down next to the graveyard and started talking while they waited for Jacob to hurry up.

    Afterwards when Jacob got back he told them what happened and looked over at Heather who was pointing at her screen asking where that child came from, a little girl sat next to Heather's Dancer who looked like her head was missing, while Sarah's character had logged out on it's own and Jacobs had done so too, the little girl laughed lightly as she stood up, next thing Sarah and Jacob knew was that Heather lay dead next to them, her body just like her Dancer's. They ran outside and waved down a police car that was patrolling and had them come in, Heather's dead body looked exactly like the dancer, clothes and all. There was no blood or anything, her head gone as if it had never been there before. Truth was that rumors spread around that a little girl was murdered and raped in that Cafè playing RO as a dancer that resembled Heather's by her "Friends" just 6 days before, which was also Heather's Birthday who got 175$, also the computer number she sat at and Elven Ears on RO which was what the girl who died had been given after she had died, the Cafè in which I will not name was tore down the next day after and the news was never leaked about Heather's Death. But around 3 A.M. on iRO Loki you can find a dead Dancer without a head, sitting there with the girl next to her, still laughing.

    That's how I heard it from my friend's, not so much about RO though, I apologize if it is off topic. I really doubt that is true though, even though my friend Heather did die that night.

    5. Dog
    I named my Desert Wolf after my IRL dog, because my dog always follows my around. One day when I was leveling in the Clock Tower, I left a screen and my pet wasn't there. So I went back to the other screen and looked around for my pet. So I kept getting pms from my pet (Buddy) saying things like, "Please (uses my real name), Save me!!! He's going to hurt me!!! Help!" So I freaked and tried pming him back, but it said he was offline. Soon later the pms stopped and I heard my dog whining upstairs. We hurried up to find my Buddy just lying there, dead, From no apparant cause. From time to time when I go into the clock tower, I see my pet named Buddy very ghostlike, or I get pms from him saying, "Why didn't you help me?" I still try pming him some, but he's always. And every night at 3:00 (The time when my dog died) I hear my dog whining upstairs.
    My parents don't hear it, but I do.

    Translasi dari kaskus :

    Aku menamai baby desert wolf saya setelah dengan nama anjing saya, karena anjing saya selalu mengikuti saya. Suatu hari ketika saya sedang hunting di clock tower, saya meninggalkan layar dan hewan peliharaan saya tidak ada. Jadi aku pergi kembali ke layar lain dan melihat sekeliling untuk hewan peliharaan saya. Jadi saya terus mencari atau mendapatkan pesan di chat box dari hewan peliharaan saya (Buddy), kemudian saya berteriak "Tolong (menggunakan nama asli saya), selamatkan aku!! Dia! Akan menyakitiku! Tolong!" hal ini biasanya saya gunakan untuk memanggil anjing saya dalam dunia nyata, Jadi saya panik dan mencoba whisper dia kembali, tapi mengatakan ia offline. Segera kemudian psean chatbox berhenti dan saya mendengar anjing(dari dunia nyata) saya merengek lantai atas. Kami bergegas untuk menemukannya, namun yang saya temukan, Buddy saya hanya berbaring di sana, mati, tidak ada penyebab yang jelas. Dari waktu ke waktu ketika saya pergi ke clock tower, saya melihat hewan peliharaan saya yang bernama Buddy yang sangat angker, atau saya mendapatkan Pesan dari dia berkata, "Kenapa kau tidak membantu saya?" Saya masih mencoba whisper dia beberapa kali, tapi dia selalu offline. Dan setiap malam di 3:00 (waktu ketika anjing saya meninggal) aku mendengar anjing saya merengek lantai atas.

    Orangtuaku tidak mendengarnya, tapi aku.

    6. White Lady
    i was looking around in pRO's Ragnaboards, when i found this thread about ghost stories and it was really fun reading them.. here's one i found in the thread:

    I've heard urban legends & such but this is the freakiest happening ever in my RO Career.

    It was about 12:00 NN when we were dismissed from our special exams and I was supposed to
    Go home when my friends decided to invite me to play Ragnarok Online in a nearby internet cafe but I had second thoughts about it since I had not yet asked permission from my parents.
    But since it was the last time we'd see each other in about a month or so, I decided to tag along.

    After about an hour of searching for an Internet Cafe we finally found one but to our surprise
    The three of us were the only ones who was playing there.
    The cafe was claustrophobic having only a little gap between you and the ceiling but
    Nevertheless the computers were of high quality ensuring the crisp smooth in-game graphics
    I've always craved for.
    But still this event kind of creeped me out and I told my classmates that maybe we should find
    Another Internet Cafe, since there were still two cafe's that we haven't checked.
    They didn't want to transfer because the cafe was already fine and told me that there were
    Many boastful players in other cafe's.

    After an hour my classmate named Kairos decided to stop for awhile so he can eat, he told me that I could come along but I did not since I was busy playing.
    And so he politely asked me if I could just make his character vend in prontera while he is eating.
    Me & My classmate Charles were the only ones left in that cafe, and so I was really creeped out because for about an hour not a single person had entered the shop except for the three of us, but still I played on.

    After awhile I decided to go outside and have a little break since we have been playing for two hours already.
    After I left the Shop, my classmate soon followed but I did not know that he was already behind me.
    Directly after eating, I decided to gaze at the windows and see if somebody was playing with my character or *gulp* hacking it.
    And there it was I saw a blurry figure of a lady with long hair and white gown sitting in the same unit where I was which seems to be typing something in the chat window.
    I thought it was Charlene the sister of my classmate Charles but to my surprise Charlene was with her brother eating barbeque in a nearby carenderia.

    Without thinking twice I rushed to my computer but the lady was nowhere to be found.
    So I asked the shop owner which was the cashier at that time if he saw a lady wearing white sitting in unit number 6, but he told me that he found none and the only one left there was him.

    So I checked my chat window and to my surprise the background wallpaper was changed to a very scary faced vampire like woman.
    This caused me to be highly alarmed and scared that had hard time breathing. I called my friends to come over and help me, but the time they arrived my wallpaper returned to the way it was.

    Though my classmates thought that I was going nuts I still insisted on what I saw.
    And after all, "To see is to believe." To me that is.

    After awhile, I managed to get back to my senses and started to play again.
    But when I was about to tell my friend online what happened to me, the keyboard suddenly typed on its own
    "Don't Play Here!! Go away!!" again and again until two letters on the keyboard actually flew out and those were AW.
    This supernatural event was witnessed by all of my classmates and including her little sister.
    Since all of us were Open Timed, we decided to go out and go to another cafe, but still that event haunts me every time I play in internet cafes.

    When I got home, I asked a friend of mine if he ever played in that certain internet cafe in which we played in. He then answered me yes, and told me not to ever play in Unit # 6 because many people say it was haunted.
    Because the last player there was a woman wearing an all white dress and was raped soon after playing.

    After awhile of investigating soon after the event, I then learned that her prized item was a
    +4 Angel Wing in which I *gulp* actually owned and that the cafe was opened on 2003.
    And that all players no matter what the server that has that certain item shall be haunted if he ever plays in Unit # 6.
    The players there actually thought of me as lucky since I did not get possessed by the ghost.
    After knowing about the background of this phenomenon, my friend told me to sell the Angel Wing immediately even if at a very low price because he was worried about me.

    These Events happened to me on December 11th 2004 at exactly 12:30 NN - 1:00 PM in an internet Cafe which had no specific name but had a huge PLDT MY DSL Banner outside in Davao City.

    7. Munak
    Original :

    my friend, a whitesmith, always labels his shop, "IHM AFK *insert items to sell*" (he says he always writes IHM because he has a pet munak & he adores the monster sooo much;;; )

    once, he took a nap after setting up a shop. when he woke up, he remembered not feeding his munak & 3 hours had already passed. but then, when he looked at the screen, he thought he saw his munak sitting like a novice, like she was waiting for him to wake up (& didn't run away like every pet is supposed to-_-). He rubbed his eyes but when he looked at the screen again, he saw his munak jumping again.

    also, he noticed someone had put a blanket on him but there was no one else in the house with him. and instead of being scared, he only smiled, silently thanking his munak.

    teman saya, seorang whitesmith, selalu melabeli tokonya,, "IHM AFK *insert items to sell*" ((dia bilang dia selalu menulis IHM karena dia memiliki hewan peliharaan munak & dia sangat menyukai pet munak tersebut tersebut )

    sesekali dia istirahat siang setelah men-setting tokonya. ketika dia bangun, dia teringat bahwa dia belum memberi makan Munak itu, dan 3 jam sudah berlalu . tetapi kemudian ketika dia melihat ke layar monitor, dia melihat Munaknya duduk seperti Novice, sepertinya dia sedang menunggunya bangun dari istirahat siangnya (& tidak lari kabur seperti pet pada umumnya). Dia menggosok-nggosok matanya tetapi ketika dia melihat ke layar, dia melihat Munaknya melompat-lompat lagi
    Dan juga, dia menyadari bahwa ada yang memberinya selimut (saat dia tidur siang tadi) tetapi tidak ada orang selain dia di rumahnya. bukannya takut, tetapi dia tersenyum dan berterima kasih pada Munak nya.

    sumber : http://www.kaskus.us/showthread.php?t=10342145
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