Managing Editor of KAORI Nusantara Kevin Wilyan (left), International Manager of Sony Music Indonesia Imam Pratomo (centre), and MC Luthfi Suryanda during collaboration press conference, Thursday (14/12)

Anime fans is very big in Indonesia. To accommodate the growing fans, KAORI Nusantara is working hard to bring SACRA Music, brand of Sony Music Entertainment Japan which mainly found in anime themes, and release the physical form in Indonesia.

On Thursday (14/12), with #JPopUntukIndonesia (J-Pop For Indonesia) hashtag, KAORI officially unveiled this collaboration. This collaboration happened after negotiations between KAORI and Sony Music Indonesia as the licence holder for Indonesian market. SACRA Music is selected due to the presence in Indonesia, where some of the artists such as LiSA, Kalafina, and Garnidelia has performed in local anime festivals.

At the beginning, KAORI will release EGOIST’s first compilation album, GREATEST HITS 2011-2017 ALTER EGO, which featured theme song from some anime including Guilty Crown and Fate Apocrypha. The album is scheduled to be released on 27 December 2017 in Japan and scheduled to be released in Indonesia in January 2018. Then KAORI will release at least four more albums during 2018, and timing it as closely as possible within the date of Japanese release.

Maulana, director of PT Nazeka Paramuda Nusantara as the holding company of KAORI hoped to accommodate the demand of Indonesian fans.

“The anime is very popular even if it’s not being broadcasted here in Indonesia, so there’s big, untapped potential. We hope from now, they don’t need to go through hassle by importing and support their favourite artists in an economical way.”

Kevin Wilyan, managing editor of KAORI Nusantara, said that this is a high-risk decision to open the uncharted market.

“We spend months to research the market and calculating the risk. This is a very high risk from the commercial side, especially with the dwindling demand of music CDs globally, but we want to serve the loyal fans. If this can success, anything can happen.”

KAORI is partnering with distribution partners to bring this album to the market. The list is below:

  • Monomania
  • Winpii Anime
  • Animonstore
  • Forunesia

The pre-order will also be accepted through KAORI Shop, Tokopedia, and offline booth at Blok M Chika Fest, Jakarta, 23 December 2017.

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