Jakarta, 3 July 2018, Moonton is ready to hold the biggest Mobile Legends competition in South East Asia, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang South East Asia Cup 2018 (MSC 2018).

In the press conference at The Palace, Jakarta, which was also attended by Caya Yan, Indonesia Country Manager for Moonton, and Ryan Lynn, Vice President of Game.ly, it was announced that this year MSC 2018 will invite 7 countries to send their representations. These 7 countries are Indonesia, Philippine, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.

A little bit different than 2017 which used qualification system, MSC 2018 which is supported by Game.ly as an Epic Sponsor will use direct invite for some countries. Countries who already have its MPL (Mobile Legends Professional League) such as Indonesia, Malaysia-Singapore, and Philippine will invite the champions to fight in MSC 2018.

These are the selected and invited teams for MSC 2018:

  • Champion of MPL Indonesia: Aerowolf Roxy
  • Champion of MPL Philippine: Aether Main
  • Champion of MPL Malaysia-Singapore: Bigetron SG
  • Direct Invite from MPL ID: EVOS Esports
  • Direct Invite from MPL ID: RRQ.O2
  • Direct Invite from MPL MY/SG: AirAsiaSaiyan
  • Direct Invite from MPL PH: DigitalDevils Pro Gaming

Other countries such as Vietnam, Myanmar, and Thailand, will have their own qualifiers to choose 1 team for each country’s representation.

Until the time of writing of this release, only Thailand already finished its qualifier with IDONOTSLEEP (the champion of MSC 2017) as the champion. The representations from Myanmar and Vietnam will be announced at later dates.

MSC 2018 will have 2 phases, Group Stage and Playoff. In the Group Stage, 10 teams will be divided into 2 groups with Round Robin matches (Bo1). Top 2 teams from each group will advance to Playoff with Single Elimination (Bo3 for Semifinal and Bo5 for Final).

Moonton also already prepares prize pool as much as USD 100,000 with prize distribution in the following:

  1. Qualifier Champion:
    • MSC Qualifier Thailand: USD 6,000
    • MSC Qualifier Vietnam: USD 6,000
    • MSC Qualifier Myanmar: USD 6,000
  2. Group Stage:
    • For every 1 winning point / match, every team will receive USD 1,000.
    • With total 20 matches, USD 20,000 is prepared for the Group Stage.
  3. Grand Final:
    • The Champion of MSC 2018 will receive USD 30,000.
    • While the Runner Up will have the right to get USD 15,000.
    • 3rd Position will get USD 10,000.
    • Last, the 4th position will receive USD 5,000.
    • Total prize pool for 1-4 position is USD 60,000!
  4. Personal Reward:
    • Player who receives Grand Finals MVP title will also be awarded with USD 1,000.
    • While the player with King of KDA title will also get USD 1,000.

The total prize pool will be bigger at later date as percentage of in-app purchase during special event of MSC 2018 (skins, borders, etc.) will be added into the prize pool.

MSC 2018 will be held in Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO) on 27-29 July 2018. The drawing slots for the competing teams will be live-streamed on 26 July 2018.

These MSC 2018 matches will also be live-streamed exclusively on Facebook on 3 languages, Indonesian, Thailand, dan English.

About Mobile Legends: Bang Bang South East Asia Cup (MSC):

MSC is an annual competition officially held by Moonton as the publisher and developer of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for teams from South East Asia.

On 2017, MSC invited 5 countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Philippine as its participants. For 2018, there will be 7 countries to participate which are Indonesia, Philippine, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.

About Game.ly:

Game.ly is a live streaming app for young generation of mobile gamers. This is the place for community of game lovers to share and express their enthusiasms, as the motto of Game.ly, “Life as a Game”.

With High Quality Real-Time video technology, everyone could stream any game they love and interact with their favorite streamers, everywhere and anywhere.

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