Pendopo Studio Set to Release “Rendezvous” in April 2023

Yogyakarta-based video game studio, Pendopo Studio, announced "Rendezvous" will be released on 11 April 2023 on PC via Steam.

Gamecom Team Will Release “Troublemaker” on 31 March 2023

Published by Freedom Games, "Troublemaker" will be available on PC via Steam, Epic Games, GOG, and Nuuvem.


“The First Slam Dunk” Film Review: Inside the Court of Basketball

Continuing where the TV anime series left off after all these years, how does the movie fare against audience expectations?

“The Tatami Time Machine Blues” Anime Review: Creating A Puzzle Box Through Story Structure

"The Tatami Time Machine Blues" treats its story structure as a puzzle box, and their audience will be there to solve it.

“Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan’s Island” Film Review – Unexpected, But Not Unwelcome

How the original "Mobile Suit Gundam" would look like if it was made with today’s technology? "Cucuruz Doan’s Island" might be the answer.

“SSSS.Dynazenon” Anime Review: What is Something Worth Fighting For?

At the end of the day, SSSS.Dynazenon is a good show. It in fact, very good. But what exactly makes it such a compelling one?

“Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki” Anime Review: Exploring The Paradox of Self-Improvement

What many fans dismiss as "anime for simp," “Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki” turns out to offer important critique about how we perceive self-help products

Event Report

Sweta Kartika Exhibition: PesKom Bandung Pre-Event Report

PesKom Bandung held some pre-event together with Sweta Kartika's indie comic circle Padepokan Ragasukma, check it out!

IGDX Conference 2022: The Pandemic, Web3 Games, and the Indonesia Game Awards

After being held as online activity due pandemic, this year IGDX Conference was held as offline activity in Bali. Here is the report.


(Opinion) Bringing the Media Mix Back to Magical Girl Anime Discourse

Popular discourse on magical girl anime approach it mainly through exploring similarities and variations in story or thematic contents, but more attention needs to be paid to variations in media mix models.

(Opinion) Understanding Playmaking Fullback in “Aoashi”

How could a fullback plays a playmaking role? How Aoi from "Aoashi" plays this role? Read this opinion piece to find out!

Anime Song

Anisong Picks – Spring 2016

We choose some of the best song from spring 2016 anime series.

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Pionicon Released a New “Si Juki” Comic “Si Juki Anak Kos London”.

Originally released in English, "Si Juki Anak Kos London" will be published in Indonesia by Bukune Publisher.

“Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly” Will be Released in April 2023

Toge Productions is set to release "Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly" in April 2023.

m&c! Publisher Announced Their 2022 Best-Selling Comics

m&c comic publisher posted a list of their ten best-selling comics in 2022 on their social media.

m&c!’s KOLONI Announced Their 2022 Best-Selling Indonesian Comics

"Journal of Terror", "Sinawang", "My Pre-Wedding", "Flawless", "GHOSTY's COMIC", and "5 Menit Sebelum Tayang" listed in KOLONI's 2022 best-selling Indonesian Comic.

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