Staff Picks: Favourite VTuber Cover Song

The continuation of the last listicle, here are some of KAORI Nusantara staff's favourite VTuber cover songs.

Where to Watch Summer 2023 Anime: KAORI Nusantara Seasonal Anime Streaming Guide

From Netflix, iQIYI, Muse Asia, to Bstation, here are the lists of streaming services that provide the summer 2023 anime legally.

(Opinion) The Immortal Spirit of Ichiro Mizuki: Aniki’s Perfect STORM

The story of how YOASOBI's "Idol" combined its powers with one of anime's most classic robots to revive a sensation twenty years past, and how the spirited voice behind it continues to live on.

“Gridman Universe” Film Review: A Crossover For the Ages

Gridman Universe is a crossover movie of epic proportions, with a giant-sized amount of fun to be had for fans of both tokusatsu and giant robots.

Pesta Komik Bandung Event Report: Party Time!

Pesta Komik Bandung celebrated the works of local creators.

Staff Picks: Favourite VTuber Original Song

Who is the staff's favourite VTuber original song?

Kultifest Nakayochi Event Report: A Variety of Content for Visitors

Join our staff in exploring the exhibitors and entertainment in offer at Kultifest Nakayochi in Bandung.

Where to Watch Spring 2023 Anime: KAORI Nusantara Seasonal Anime Streaming Guide

From Netflix, iQIYI, Muse Asia, to Bstation, here are the lists of streaming services that provide the spring 2023 anime legally.

“Shin Kamen Rider” Film Review: Kamen Rider, as It Truly Is

"Shin Kamen Rider" film presents "Rider" as it truly is, and what it truly is, is brilliant.
Takuro The Sound of Life

COVID-19, Ukraine War, and The Sound of Life: An Interview with TAKURO from GLAY

We just interviewed the guitarist of the Japanese rock band GLAY, TAKURO, about his solo album "The Sound of Life". Read his interview here.

Interview with Ex-Muse Indonesia Translator on Subtitle Controversy

KAORI Nusantara interviews ex-Muse Indonesia translators on their comments regarding the recent subtitle controversy for In/Spectre Season 2.

Staff Picks: 9 Anime to Watch for Ramadan

Looking for Anime to watch during Ramadan? Here are some recommendations from KAORI Nusantara contributors

Interview with Ibun, Xiaoyukiko, Jasper Z, and Thames Malerose at Daisuki! Japan Ten 2023...

In the 2023 Daisuki! Japan Ten, our East Java contributors are invited to hold a short interview session with four cosplayer guest stars.

“The First Slam Dunk” Film Review: Inside the Court of Basketball

Continuing where the TV anime series left off after all these years, how does the movie fare against audience expectations?

Sweta Kartika Exhibition: PesKom Bandung Pre-Event Report

PesKom Bandung held some pre-event together with Sweta Kartika's indie comic circle Padepokan Ragasukma, check it out!

Staff Picks: 5 Anime Manga Couples with Toxic Relationship

In this special valentine's day article, we present some anime manga couples who are trapped in toxic relationships.

Staff Picks: 10 Gender Bender Isekai Recommendations

Winter 2022 saw two anime adaptations of isekai series with gender bender element. This list gathers some other examples of gender bender isekai that can also be explored.

Spring 2022 Anime: Ya Boy Kongming!

Information and commentary from the spring 2022 anime "Ya Boy Kongming!".

Agate and PQube Released “Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2” on...

On their website, Pqube mentioned that "Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2" will also be available on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.