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Live Action Me VS Big Slacker Baby Will be Aired on Trans TV

Are you fans of Me VS Big Slacker Baby? Prepare yourself for a love story between Arin and Alvan in form of live action movie!

Spectra Project Launched: Three Comics, One Choice

As a collaboration work between Pionicon and Asahi Production, Spectra Project invites Popcon 2016 visitors to choose between these three IP to be continued in a comic series, or even animation series.

Si Juki Animated Movie Will be Screened in 2017

Some additional informations about Si Juki Animated movie revealed in Popcon Asia 2016.

Ianfu Visual Book: A Solidarity for Former Ianfu

To commemorate World Ianfu Day, the Indonesian Ianfu Committee holds an art exhibition in the memory of Indonesian ianfu

5 Menit Sebelum Tayang Will be Released in Printed Format

5 Menit Sebelum Tayang will be released in printed format and can be purchased early in Popcon Asia 2016.

Introducing Ceramic Sky, Kosmik’s First Comic Title in English

Be prepared for Kosmik's new title, Ceramic Sky, available in digital and physical format.

Si Juki Will Be Adapted as Animated Movie

Soon in theaters, an animated feature of Si Juki!

Indonesian Game Association (AGI) to Establish National Game Day (HARGAI)

Let's welcome Hari Game Indonesia (HARGAI) for the better Indonesian games!

Indonesia once again came out victorious in Silent Manga Audition 2016

Congratulations to the Indonesian comic artists who have won awards at the 2016 Silent Manga Audition Round 5!

Panji Tengkorak Will Get Live Action Movie Adaptation

Prepare for the live action movie adaptation of Panji Tengkorak, one of Indonesia's legendary silat comic by Hans Jaladara

Me VS Big Slacker Baby Now Available Online

Now Me vs Big Slacker Baby can be read online from your device.

“Kamen Rider Black” Actor Tetsuo Kurata Will Come to Indonesia in August!

Do you miss the legendary actor of Satria Baja Hitam (Kamen Rider Black)? Prepare yourself for Tetsuo Kurata will be coming to Indonesia this August!

GRANRODEO’s Treasure Candy Concert to Have a Live Viewing in Indonesian Cinema

Fans will be able to watch the tour concert of GRANRODEO through live viewings in cinemas in several countries, including Indonesia!

Haikyu!! Manga Scheduled to Release in Indonesia on July 20th

For fans of this sport manga in Indonesia, be prepared for the release of Haikyu!! by m&c!

Sadako vs Kayako Horror Film To Be Premiered in Indonesian Cinemas

Kayako who crawl the stairs to you or Sadako who walk out of your television? Why not both??

Ready For Graduation? Assassination Classroom: Graduation Will Come to CGV Blitz

The Assassination Classroom has been ready to graduate next month at CGV Blitz. Are you?