Press Release

Press Release

Sayuri’s New Song “About a voyage” Confirmed as Closing Theme of “My Hero Academia:...

"About a voyage" Single CD release also confirmed for Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Kei Takebuchi Will Grace the Stage of GJUI 25!

This will be the first solo overseas appearance of ex-Goose House personnel, Kei Takebuchi.

Feast Your Eyes, Glut Your Adventurer Soul with the Beautifully Drawn RPG “Azure Saga:...

Indonesian RPG game Azure Saga: Pathfinder is set to be released in Nintendo Switch.

Lantis Announced “20th Anniversary Live Lantis Matsuri 2019 ~A・R・I・G・A・T・O ANISONG~”

24 first-class artists in the Japanese animation industry arrived at the press conference "20th anniversary live Lantis Matsuri 2019"

Japan Cinema Week 2018: Celebrating 60 years of Diplomatic Relationship Between Japan and Indonesia

In collaboration with Japan Foundation, Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO) will screen Japanese films in Pekan Sinema Jepang (Japan Cinema Week) 2018

Do you love Japan Tradition, Fashion, Yakuza and Games? You´ll love the new “Deadlift...

as a part of a collaboration with a game "Ninkyoden", Deadlift Lolita had released a new music video

“Dragon Quest” Series Collaboration Event Arrives To “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius” With Launch

New and Returning "DRAGON QUEST" Series Content Awaits Players

“Detective Conan” and Other Shogakukan Titles to be Available Digitally on MangaMon

"Detective Conan" and many other Shogakukan titles, new and old, will be available in digital format on e-book store MangaMon

Smartphone game, “MASS FOR THE DEAD”, based on “OVERLORD” anime and novels hit 300,000...

There's only one more pre-registration goal left to pass by the "OVERLORD"-based smartphone game "MASS FOR THE DEAD"

Ponimu Indonesia Announces 5 New Anime Titles for Streaming

In addition to five more anime titles in its library, Ponimu Indonesia also prepares for simulcast in fall 2018 season

Introducing SlimeKo: A New Virtual Youtuber based on “Overlord” Smartphone Game Character

SlimeKo VTuber comes to life! An original character from the smartphone game, “MASS FOR THE DEAD”, based on “OVERLORD” anime and novels will make her debut as Virtual YouTuber! She will start on Sunday, August 19, 2018 at 6pm!

Voice Actor Tetsuya Kakihara to Appear in POPCON ASIA 2018

Voice of Fairy Tail's Natsu, Tetsuya Kakihara to make his first appearance in Indonesia at POPCON Asia 2018

International Manga Stars Crowned in Latest Silent Manga Audition!

The results of Silent Manga Audition 9 are now in!

“Hollywhoot”: Idle Hollywood Parody

Greatest Actors + Legendary Director = Movie Masterpiece in the mobile game"Hollywhoot" from Joyseed Gametribe

Smartphone game, “MASS FOR THE DEAD”, based on “OVERLORD” anime and novels hit 200,000...

Win voice actors’ autographs in its first Twitter Campaign of "OVERLORD" game "MASS FOR THE DEAD" until the end of July!

Studio Ghibli to Have Exhibition and Film Screenings in Indonesia in...

Indonesian fans can prepare for the exhibition and film screenings from Studio Ghibli that will be held in 2017!

Debunking the Anime Production Myths – Part 1: Introduction

Is it true that budget is the decisive factor for animation quality? KAORI's resident sakuga enthusiast takes a look at this and other common myths about how the anime industry works.

Love Live! vs IDOLM@STER: An Unnecessary Conflict?

Two groups of idols, one never-ending bickering between the fans. But is it all worth it?

EXCLUSIVE: Interviews With All 4 Anisong Artists at I Love Anisong...

Back in July, KAORI crew sit down for some talks with the performers of I Love Anisong Sydney 2019.