After the death of his Mentor Mia Fey, Phoenix Wright decided to continue her law firm with some help from Mia’s sister, Maya. Later, his decision will bring him to a case from Mia’s past and brought him to cross paths with a mysterious prosecutor named Godot. Who is Godot? and what happened to Mia in the past?


Dany Muhammad (The Indonesian Anime Times)

Surprisingly, the first episode of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Season 2 started with thefirst case from the second game, which was skipped in the first season. This choice is probably because the staff want to slowly introduce the characters before the main conflict kicks in. If the anime followed the games’ structure after the last case from the second game has been covered at the end of the first season, the next part will tell about Maya’s past, and it will be confusing for new viewers without introducing Phoenix, Maya, Godot, etc. first.

The execution of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney second season isn’t much different compared to the first season. The trial scene is dominated by CG background with some camera angles that seem to imitate the game’s POV. The over-the-top special effects can cause another problem. While it makes the anime feels goofy like the game version, it can make the mystery aspect feels less serious.

Some fans will probably think Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney anime version is not a good adaptation, and that’s understandable. The visual isn’t great, and the whodunit aspect of the game isn’t executed really well. However, the presence of prosecutor Godot, which is considered as one of the fan favourite character, probably will make viewers stick a little longer. For those looking for a chaotic, courtroom comedy, the second season is

probably worth a try.

Facts and Figures

Alternate Title Gyakuten Saiban ~Sono “Shinjitsu,” Igiari!~ Season 2.
Source material Game by Capcom
Casts Aoi Yūki as Mayoi Ayasato (Maya Fey)
Ben Hiura as Judge
Chie Nakamura as Chihiro Ayasato (Mia Fey)
Hiroaki Hirata as Godot
Masami Iwasaki as Keisuke Itonokogiri (Dick Gumshoe)
Masashi Tamaki as Reiji Mitsurugi (Miles Edgeworth)
Yuuki Kaji as Ryūichi Naruhodou (Phoenix Wright)
Director Ayumu Watanabe (Space Brother)
Scenario Asahiro Tomioka (Captain Tsubasa)
Character Design Keiko Ota
Opening Song “Never Lose” by Tomohisa Yamashita
Ending Song “Starting Blue” by halca
Studio Cloverworks
Official Site
Broadcast Date 6 October 2018 (0830 GMT, 1530 WIT, 1830 JST)


Screenshots and Trailer

© CAPCOM / Yomiuri TV · CloverWorks
© CAPCOM / Yomiuri TV · CloverWorks
© CAPCOM / Yomiuri TV · CloverWorks
© CAPCOM / Yomiuri TV · CloverWorks
© CAPCOM / Yomiuri TV · CloverWorks

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