Summer is coming in Japan and if you missed last season, don’t worry. We bring our selection of some best anime song from Spring 2016.

Opening theme (this page)
Ending and insert theme

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Opening Theme

Triple♣Feeling – Clover☘Kakumation

TOHO animation RECORDS / Sansha Sanyou

This opening song of Sansha Sanyou really had a fun atmosphere. In this song there are some humorous, mild, and colorful impression from the anime itself. This song really fits to be listened when you’re enjoying the day or when bored while waiting the railway. (Rafly N)


King Records / Sakamoto desu ga

This OP song is giving a hint of how epic Sakamoto desu Ga is. Customize definitely successful delivering an epic OP theme song for an epic anime. (Naufal B P)

TrySail – High Free Spirits

Aniplex / High School Fleet (Haifuri)

The spirit of Haifuri series was really burning on this, and it’s really a cool song that made me keep on watching Haifuri too. It’s really fun to listen to this song. (Aya)

Walküre – Ichido dake no Koi nara

Flying Dog / Macross Delta

Is romantic song is only good for romance anime? Not really. Even though the song is a romantic song (in my opinion), this song is really giving the vibe how good Macross Delta is. (Naufal B P)

TRUSTRICKinnocent promise

Nippon Columbia / Shounen Maid

Presented by a group named TRUSTRICK, the opening theme of anime series Shounen Maid has lyrics that are related to the anime itself. With a really strong pop to it, this song is really suitable to be listen everyday. (Dirman S)

SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:TielleInto the Sky

SME Records / Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096

Sawano’s choice of mixing orchestral music and electronic shines perfectly in this opening. As one of a few composers that brings out talented English vocals for the anime world. I am impressed again in this song as Tielle’s tender yet powerful vocals portrays the struggles in Gundam Unicorn perfectly. (Eri G S)


gr8 records / Kiznaiver

A soothing and touching trance sensation. That is what is presented in the song LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME from BOOM BOOM SATELLITES. Said to be one of their last works (one of it’s personnel, Michiyuki Kawashima experiencing health problems), the song managed to bring a sensation of tranquility through innate tune and it’s fast but not too upbeat tempo. Kawashima’s vocal melodies that accompany this song also managed to strengthen the emotional side. As one of BOOM BOOM SATELLITES’ last works, this song deserves to be called their “last hurrah” for the fans. (Tanto D)

Porno Graffitti – The Day

SME Records / Boku no Hero Academia

A powerful rock piece to accompany a show about kid hero. The unique part is that the lyric does not sing praises about the greatness of the hero, but portraying a condition of weakness and struggle to survive, fitting with the characteristics of the lead character, Izuku, who has to endure various hardships in his journey to be a hero. (Halimun)

Unlimited toneUtatane Sunshine

Lantis jv Bandai Visual / Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge

Fit neatly with the anime, this song has relaxing and comforting atmosphere. With not much musical  instrument used, exactly make this song more simple and really fit to be listened when doing siesta (afternoon sleep). If you pay attention with the lyrics, it pictured the feel of a peaceful school life everyday. Summary, this song is really good for your bedtime ‘-_-. ‎ (Razif D)

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