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KAORI Nusantara, pioneer of news website for anime, creative industry, and railways in Indonesia, will present something new this year. For over than 8 years working through news website and online community, KAORI always tries to innovate. This year we will present a popular culture festival titled Road to KAORI Expo. This festival will be held on August 6-7, 2016, taking place at the 6th floor of Plaza Blok M, South Jakarta.

Road to Kaori Expo will present various kinds of programs, from competitions to creative exhibition. But there will also be something that can’t be found in any anime popular culture event in Indonesia at the present. For the first time, KAORI Nusantara will present a panel discussion in a festival of anime popular culture.

Every year there are many anime-themed events held in Indonesia, but they tend to focus on entertaiment and exhibition. There hasn’t been any Indonesian anime festival that also presented panel discussions, where various interesting topics related to anime and its fans are discussed in deep or informative way. Based on our experience as a news website that presents anime news with hard-journalism approach, and also experienced in holding Forum Anime Indonesia, we try to present a panel discussion format as a main feature in an anime popular culture event in Indonesia.

Discussion at Forum Anime Indonesia

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This is not the first time KAORI Nusantara presents a discussion forum. Previously we had held a semi-academic discussion forum named Forum Anime Indonesia (Indonesian Anime Forum). Since 2013, Forum Anime Indonesia has been held several times to discuss various themes, such as anime fans’ communities in Indonesia, anime distribution in Indonesia, revealing unknown facts behind fandoms of KanColle, Touhou, Idolm@ster and Love Live!, and the last one was the dynamics in Indonesian cosplay. With experience in holding those discussions, we gladly intend to present a panel discussion again in Road to KAORI Expo.

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Unlike our previous discussion programs, this time KAORI opens a chance for those who want to be panelists/speakers in this event. If you are interested to have a discussion about anime in Road to KAORI Expo, or have interesting related topics to be discussed, KAORI Nusantara is initiating an open registration. These are the requirements to become a panelist in Road to KAORI Expo panel discussion:

Panel discussion will be held in two days, on August 6-7 2016.

Aim: discussing popular topics related to anime culture deeply and interactively.

Panelists Registration Procedure

  1. Applicants send their abstract about the topic that they wanted to discuss to be selected by our committee based on the requirements below.
  2. Abstract is typed in maximum 150 words. Abstracts in English are accepted, but remember that the discussion will be presented to Indonesian audience, so the discussion itself should be presented in Indonesian.
  3. Include your personal information.
  4. The result of Panelists selection will be announced by KAORI Nusantara on July 25, 2016.
  5. Abstract submission will be closed on July 24, 2016.

Requirements for Panelists

  1. Chosen panelists provide topics to be discussed together with visitors/panel participants.
  2. Discussion material is provided in the form of Power Point presentation. The use of supporting pictures or videos is allowed.
  3. The discussion is about popular topics that are interesting for public participants.
  4. This discussion will be held in a public space. Please do not provide any topic that is not suitable for underages. The commiytee will be selecting submitted panel topics in the registration process.
  5. The time provided for one session of panel discussion is 90 minutes. Please manage your time wisely.
  6. The committee will provide projector and sound system.
  7. On the day of the event, panelists should be in the location and contact the committee 60 minutes before panel discussion session started.
  8. Panelist and discussion partiticipants encouraged to comunicate wisely. Avoid any remark or act that will lead to violence and commotion. The committee will take any needed act to keep orderliness if there are any unwanted conflict.
  9. If the chosen panelist cancel participation without any further notice, the cancelling panelist will not be selected again in the next KAORI Nusantara’s events.

Discussion Topics

  1. The topic or theme of the discussion is can be anything as long as it is still related to: anime culture, manga, game, otaku, fandom, and cosplay.
  2. Do not submit a theme/topic that contains any material that is not appropriate to be seen in public space.
  3. The topic and theme should be interesting.
  4. Adjust the presentation of your topic/theme so it can be easily understood by public visitors.
  5. Some of examples of topics/themes that could be presented (these are just for temporary references):
  • Discussion about contents, themes, genres, or trends in anime/manga (e.g. Isekai Theme in Japanese Light Novel, Robot Anime Through the Ages)
  • Discussion about cosplay in Indonesia (e.g. Pro-contra of Hijab Cosplay, The Use of Secondhand Materials for Cosplay Properties, The Growth of Cosplay Communities in Indonesia)
  • Fandom or popular culture community of anime/manga/game in Indonesia (e.g. The Dynamics of Idolm@ster and Love Live! Fans, The Growth of Overwatch Fans, Military Otaku and History in Kantai Collection Fandom)
  • Behaviour of Indonesian anime/manga lovers (e.g. Otaku Behaviour in Indonesia, Watching Anime in Indonesia: Through Legal or Illegal Way?)

Abstracts for panel discussion in Road to KAORI Expo can be submitted by filling this form. This abstract submission is opened for everyone who are interested to join. The registration for panelists in panel discussion Road to KAORI Expo will be closed on July 24, 2016 2359 WIT (1659 GMT, 0159 JST). All registration process are free and no any charge included.

Do you like to discuss about anime and otaku, but only did so on social media so far? How about discussing it in Road to KAORI Expo? If you have any interesting topics to be discussed, submit your abstract right now!

For further information related to Road to KAORI Expo, you could contact:

Zhuge Kamiya:
Rafly Nugroho:
Kevin Wilyan:

All official information will only be delivered by KAORI Nusantara. All registration process are not charged, please beware of any irresponsible fraud act.

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