KAORI Nusantara, the pioneer of Indonesian anime journalism, have been faithfully serving Indonesian anime fans for more than 8 years. Established in 2008, KAORI Nusantara offers the latest and most trusted coverage of current issues in Japanese anime culture, manga, Indonesian creative economy, and railways from different perspective. In our 9th year, KAORI Nusantara continues to innovate with a pop culture event titled Road to KAORI Expo.

Supported by Plaza Blok M and World Cosplay Summit Indonesia, Road to KAORI Expo will be held at August 6-7, 2016 on the 6th floor of Plaza Blok M, South Jakarta. This pop culture event aims to combine entertaiment, community, and education contents. Road to KAORI Expo will also becomes the first pop culture event in Indonesia that presents a discussion panel. This event will also held various competitions, contests, and creative activities from some Japanese culture communities.

Discussion Panel in a Pop Culture Event

Experienced in organizing a semi-formal discussion titled Forum Anime Indonesia (Indonesian Anime Forum), KAORI Nusantara will organize the first panel discussion program in an anime pop culture event in Indonesia. This panel will be held for two days in Road to KAORI Expo event and discuss various popular topics around anime and otaku culture in Indonesia.

Indonesian Anime Forum which discuss various topics regarding Indonesia Cosplay Movement in BIJAC no Tanjoiwai 2016 Event.

Anybody can participate in this public discussion. KAORI Nusantara also offers you an opportunity to be a panelist in this discussion (panelist registration details will be announced later). Any visitor can attend this open discussion freely with no additional fees.

More Fun with Various Competitions

Road to KAORI Expo will also hosts various competitions. For cosplayers, there will be a group cosplay competition. In this competition the participants will compete in a group that consists of 2 – 5 members. An individual cosplay competition will also be held.

For those who like singing, there will be Karaoke Contest. And for those who have talent and interest in voice acting, you can test your ability in a Seiyuu Contest.

These competitions are open for public and require no additional fees. Further information about these competition will be announced later.

World Cosplay Summit 2016 Live Streaming

Road to KAORI Expo will be held in August 6-7, 2016, on the day of international cosplay competition event, World Cosplay Summit 2016. In this year, World Cosplay Summit’s competition format has changed. Now, a background video becomes a new addition for participants. 30 participants have to compete in two sessions: elimination round to choose the 15 best participants, and World Cosplay Summit final round.

In Road to KAORI Expo, a World Cosplay Summit 2016 live streaming program will be shown through Nico Nico streaming service. This program will be an official live streaming in Indonesia. In this program, Road to KAORI Expo main stage will be connected and live streamed to World Cosplay Summit main stage in japan.

This live streaming program is scheduled for two days. This is also the chance to support Indonesian Cosplayere who compete as Indonesiab representatives in the international cosplay competition. In this 5th participation, Indonesia choose Rian Cyd and Frea Mai from Jakarta as representatives in a team called CRUSNIX. They will depart on 29 July 29 and cosplay as characters from Trinity Blood Series. Can they bring the best result for Indonesia just like the other representatives before? Let’s hope the best for them and don’t forget to show your support in Road to KAORI Expo.

Express Yourself in Creative Alley

As a media that consistently reports on the latest information about Indonesian Creative Industry movement, Road to KAORI Expo also supports creative industry by bringing them closer to the general public. In this event, there will be a special area called Creative Alley. Inside Creative Alley, visitors can enjoy many works and creations from various communities and circles. More information about Creative Alley’s registration will be announced soon.

Road to KAORI Expo also offers a chance for anybody who want to participate in this event. Any companies or other parties who want to contribute as our sponsor can contact us through emails in this proposal. For those who want to participate as media partner, you can contact the event organizer in this address.

About KAORI Nusantara

KAORI Nusantara (Komunitas Anime Otaku Rakyat Indonesia, Indonesia’s Anime Otaku Community) is Indonesia’s first integrated creative industry community and media website.

Situated in www.kaorinusantara.or.id, KAORI has 8 years experience of managing one of the most vibrant anime (Japanese animation) culture community with nationwide reach in one of the country with most dynamic growth of economy.

KAORI determined to become the best news website and community base in Indonesia with focus to market needs and Indonesian creative industry.

KAORI established in 28 Mei 2008 with the aim to bring the latest news and coverage about anime in Indonesia. In 22 December 2008, KAORI forum had been established as a discussion platform for any anime fandom and Japanese culture enthusiasts. As a forum, KAORI aims to create unique, different, and critical discussion place, but more comfortable compared to other Indonesian communities that already has been established.

For further information about KAORI Expo, you can contact:

Zhuge Kamiya: zhugekamiya@gmail.com

Rafly Nugroho: frozenravly@kaorinusantara.or.id

Kevin Wilyan: newsline@kaorinusantara.or.id

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