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Smartphone game, “MASS FOR THE DEAD”, based on “OVERLORD” anime and...

There's only one more pre-registration goal left to pass by the "OVERLORD"-based smartphone game "MASS FOR THE DEAD"

Introducing SlimeKo: A New Virtual Youtuber based on “Overlord” Smartphone Game...

SlimeKo VTuber comes to life! An original character from the smartphone game, “MASS FOR THE DEAD”, based on “OVERLORD” anime and novels will make her debut as Virtual YouTuber! She will start on Sunday, August 19, 2018 at 6pm!

Smartphone game, “MASS FOR THE DEAD”, based on “OVERLORD” anime and...

Win voice actors’ autographs in its first Twitter Campaign of "OVERLORD" game "MASS FOR THE DEAD" until the end of July!


5 Years of Japanese Film Festival Indonesia: Our Experiences Watching Japanese...

First held on 26 November 2015, Japanese Film Festival (JFF) Indonesia has left a deep impression for many KAORI staff. Here are their opinions on the event.

Roundtable Interview: Netflix Anime Festival 2020

As a part of Netflix Anime Festival 2020, KAORI Nusantara is invited to join the interview session with Netflix Chief Producer of Anime Taiki Sakurai, David Production Producer Shuichiro Tanaka, and Thermae Romae mangaka Mari Yamazaki. 

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