Jakarta Cosplay Parade 2019 is back after this event’s long hiatus since 2014. Held on November 17, 2019, at Monas Silang Square, this event raised the theme of the Indonesia universe. By bringing cosplayers from 6 countries, namely Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam, this event hopes to attract both local and global cosplayers to participate in the event and targets more than 1.000 visitors.

The main activity of this event is the cosplay competition and cosplay parade. The cosplay competition will be judged by notable and renowned cosplayers, namely Erlan Bakabon, Frea Mai, Sora Hua, and Echow Eko.


Jakarta Cosplay Parade 2019 is a concrete effort taken by The Office of Tourism and Culture to promote Jakarta’s tourism through a national event, this event is hoped to be an alternative of tourist attractions in Jakarta. It also aims to facilitate the cosplayers, which are dominated by young people, to display their creativity and work of art during the cosplay competition.

Acting Head of DKI Jakarta’s Tourism and Culture Office, Alberto Ali, said “One of many ways to promote Jakarta’s tourism is through organizing events, one of which is Jakarta Cosplay Parade. This event can be an alternative attraction for the tourist.”

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