Another Indonesian comic has received an award in an international event. This time, it’s Sweta Kartika’s Spalko that received Silver Award for Best Comic category Xiamen International Animation Festival 2019 di Xiamen, Fujian, China

Spalko, which was serialized in Indonesian comic magazine re:ON, won over various comics from around the world, including some Indonesian comics like Gundala, Red Velvet, and another one of Sweta’s comic Purple Sunday. The highest prize itself goes to Renda Cinta, a comic created by Malaysian comic artist Ben Wong.

Spalko tells the story of the superhero girl Tesla, who in her civilian identity Lala dates Janus, an ordinary boy who loves blogging about science, with whom Lala shared her secret identity with. As an ordinary person, Janus has doubts about himself in his relationship with a famous heroine, but he couldn’t bring himself to confide his insecurities to Lala.

Spalko was first announced as one of the new comics that will be serialized in re:ON in Indonesia Comic Con 2015 event along with My Dearest Irina, Onthelku, and Bataavia. Sweta’s involvement with re:ON is the result of a previous poll asking the magazine’s fans which Indonesian comic artist they would like to see making a comic series for the magazine. Spalko finally began serialization in the 21st edition of re:ON launched at Comicfest ID event on 28-29 May 2016. The collected volume of Spalko has also been released in Comic Frontier X held on 3-4 March 2018.


Sweta Kartika presenting Spalko on Indonesia Comic Con 2015 event

Sweta Kartika is one of the prolific young comic artists in Indonesia. Among his many projects other than Grey & Jingga, NusaV, and Spalko, he also created the superhero comic Wanara, published by Kosmik and m&c! through the KOLONI label, and the science fiction comic H2O:Reborn, which is published online with the print volumes of the comic published by m&c!.

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Published by PT. Wahana Inspirasi Nusantara, re:ON is one of the comic magazines published in Indonesia. Some of re:ON comics are available in Japanese via comic catapult.

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