As previously reported, Nusantaranger comic that ended back in 2014 is now completely remade into NusaV (Nusa Five) in collaboration with Shogakukan Asia.

The comic will debut in the Popcon Asia 2017 event at Hall B Jakarta Convention Center, 5-6 August 2017.

In addition, an announcement from the re:ON comics Facebook account on Wednesday (25/7) revealed that NusaV will begin serialisation in the re:ON comics starting from the 28th edition.

Nusantaranger was a web comic that tells the story of five Indonesian boys who become superheroes after they receive special powers from Indonesia’s five great islands. They have to fight Kelana, an evil entity who wants to control Marcapada. This comic was first released in 2014. The comic immediately became popular on the internet and attracted some interest from the international audience. The comic has a pretty big fanbase, which was called Jagawarna (a Sanskrit term which means “protectors of the forest,” and used in Indonesia to refer to forest rangers).

Previously, the Nusantaranger team had announced that they planned to collaborate with an international publisher to release a brand new series which will still be inspired by Nusantaranger concept, but with a new format and original story.

Shogakukan Asia also showcased NusaV and their other books in Frankfurt Book Fair event in 2016.

e:ON comics is a periodical comic magazine which features comics by Indonesian creator in many and genres. This magazine is published by PT.Wahana Inspirasi Nusantara and started their debut in Popcon Asia 2013. The magazine publishes new issues every 5-6 weeks at Rp 30,000 (about US$ 2.21).

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