As previously reported, Viva Fantasia, an animation studio from Jakarta will soon release their new project, a feature film titled The Knight Kris Bayusekti. This movie is planned to be released on cinemas in 2017.

Take a peek of the movie in this trailer:

There’s still no information yet about the exact release date of the film. But The Knight Kris Bayusekti has released a novel version published by Bhuana Ilmu Populer.

Here’s a look of the novel


“Bayu, an eight years-old boy from Hening Village founds a magical kris (a magical traditional asymmetrical dagger) from a mysterious temple in the middle of the Forbidden Forest.

Unexpectedly, the kris gives Bayu the abilities to transform into an armored tiger knight.

At the same time, from its sheath, a giant rose into the ground, rampaging around the village, destroying everything and turns the villagers into stone figures.

Along with his cousin, Rani, Bayu then met Empu Tandra, a monkey who claimed to be the previous owner of the kris.

Empu then told them the story of the kris, and how it was scattered into many parts whenit was previously used to seal Asura the Titan.

The party then goes into a journey to search for a map that shows where the pieces are, which is the place where the kris was made.”

Previously Viva Fantasia had shown their works at the Indonesia Comic Con event that was held on 1 to 2 August 2016, and gained many positive response from the viewer.

They will also be participating in Popcon Asia 2017 in Hall B Jakarta Convention Center, 5-6 of August 2017, at M16 Booth. People can learn more about the film project at the booth.

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