One of the domestic participants for Indonesia Comic Con 2015 is the Indonesian comics magazine re:ON. The magazine even has its own special stage session on the first day of the event (Saturday, November 14). In the stage session, aside from launching the latest edition of the magazine and the collected volumes of Galauman and Tawur, new and returning comics for future editions of the magazine were also teased.

re:ON's editor-in-chief Chris Lie introduces My Dearest Irina
re:ON’s editor-in-chief Chris Lie introduced My Dearest Irina

The 17th volume of the magazine that was launched in the event saw the debut of My Dearest Irina by the duet of Dokutoku, consisted of Rii Wels (author of romance comic Lemon Leaf which had been previously serialized in re:ON) and Yuen Eriyama. It is a shoujo-esque comic about a high school girl who in one night gets visited by a mysterious man who claims to be a prince from the moon, and came to pick her.


Next, re:ON announced the continuation of some of their popular titles. The second arc of the school gang battle comic Tawur by C. Suryo Laksono will begin from volume 19, while new chapters of romantic comedy comic Me VS Big Slacker Baby by Annisa Nisfihani will begin from volume 20.

Sweta Kartika presenting Spalko
Sweta Kartika presenting Spalko

re:ON then teased a number of new comics that will debut in future volumes. Notably, the acclaimed comic artist Sweta Kartika will be joining re:ON’s lineup with his latest work Spalko from volume 19. Sweta’s involvement with re:ON is the result of a previous poll asking the magazine’s fans which Indonesian comic artist they would like to see making a comic series for the magazine. Sweta, who appeared on stage, explained that the comic series will combine elements of romance and action that are popular themes among comic readers. The picture of Spalko’s heroine can also already be seen adorning re:ON’s booth at the Comic Con.


Two more comics will be debuting in re:ON volume 22. The first is Onthelku by Matto, and the other is Bataavia, another series from Galauman’s story writer Ockto Baringbing, now in collaboration with artist Dhang Ayu Pratomo. Ockto, who was also present on stage, explained that the story would follow the experiences of a young Dutch lady with an indigenous boy in Batavia (colonial era Jakarta).


Last, re:ON announced a collaboration with CBM Entertainment to make a comic based on Teenebelle, a sister group to the girl pop group Cherrybelle under CBM Entertainment. No information has been given yet about when the comic would appear in the magazine.

re:ON Comics, is a periodical comic magazine from Indonesia. It is published by PT. Wahana Inspirasi Nusantara, re:ON comics gathers best comic series from of Indonesian comic artists and publishes them to the readers across the country. Each issue can be bought for Rp 30.000 (about US$ 2.21) every 5-6 weeks.

Indonesia Comic Con 2015 is a popular culture convention held at Jakarta Convention Center on November 14 to 15. Bearing the theme of “We are Pop Culture”, the event will bring an assortment of pop culture activities such as panel sessions, exhibition, live shows, and cosplay competition, with notable guests from countries such as Japan, the United States, and Italy. Notable exhibitors from Indonesia and abroad, will also be showcasing their exclusive items and fascinating artworks. The event is organized by PT Reed Panorama Exhibitions (RPE), a joint venture between the world’s leading event organizer Reed Exhibitions and Indonesia’s leading tourism, transportation and hospitality group of companies, the Panorama Group.

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