Me vs Big Slacker Baby, a comic from Annisa Nisfihani, now has been made available in Wayang ForceSCOOP, dan Qbaca reading applications.

Me vs Big Slacker Baby is a comic that was first serialized in 6th edition to the 10th edition of re:ON Comics. Me vs Big Slacker Baby tells about Arin, a girl who loves cleaning and prefers to live in hygiene environment. Her life changes when Alvan, her classmate who happens to be school’s idol, decided to move into a boarding house rented by Arin’s parents. How is Arin’s life after Alvan arrival? This comic has already released in tankoubon and has started its second serialization beginning from the 21st edition of re:ON Comics. It has also been announced before that Me vs Big Slacker Baby will get a live action adaptation soon.

Now, the first volume of Me VS Big Slacker Baby can be read online from  Wayang ForceSCOOP, dan Qbaca reading application.

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