Recently, m&c! publisher announced in their Facebook Page that the web comic 5 Menit Sebelum Tayang (literally translated as 5 Minutes Before Airing) will be available in printed version (Tankoubon). The printed version is scheduled to be published in August 17, 2016

But readers can also get the chance to obtain this comic earlier. Kosmik MOOK has announced that this comic will be available in the  Popcon Asia 2016 event in Jakarta Convention Center, from August 12 to 14, 2016.

Created by Ockto Baringbing and Muhammad Fathanatul Haq (Matto), this comic tells about the life of Budi, a video editor in a TV station, and his journey in Indonesian TV world. The comic presents his struggle as an editor and the reality behind the scene of Indonesia TV bussiness.

The synopsis of the comic describes:

“Working in a TV station means you have to work under pressure. Budi, a video editor in MOTV, and Arum, a reporter who also works in the same place, already prove it. Follow their work life and how they face pressures in Lima Menit Sebelum Tayang, created by Ockto Baringbing and Matto.”

This comic had already received Silver Award in the 6th International Manga Award 2013. In that event, many juries appreciated this comic for being able to make the reader feel the struggle of its protagonist.

This comic has been published as a web comic by Makko, and now this comic will be republished by Makko’s successor Kosmik MOOK, in collaboration with m&c! publisher.

You can read the first 3 chapters in Bahasa Indonesia here.

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