Wanara, Sweta Kartika’s latest comic introduced through KOSMIK MOOK will be released as standalone volumes. The comic is planned to be released on December 30, 2015

Written by Sweta Kartika in collaboration with Wanara Studio, this comic tells the adventure of Brata, Seta, Biebo, and Monster; 4 masked teenagers fighting crimes in the city. The four of them met under life-changing events, which leads them to unite and fight against the Mafia. The leader, Big Boss Panda, have conducted many criminal acts that involved government individuals and underground crime syndicates. Together with an ex-superhero from the past: Panca, our heroes went on an adventure to defeat Panda and his underlings, along with uncovering the superhero’s dark past.

Wanara was previously published in makko.co back in 2010. This year, Wanara will finally arrive in physical format. A teaser for this comic is also featured in Kosmik MOOK‘s second edition.

The Indonesian Anime Times

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