On Monday (14/12), Indonesian book publisher Elex Media announced the list of upcoming releases for this week. The manga of Yokai Watch is one of the comics listed in it. This means Yokai Watch is most likely ready to be available on book stores this week.

The first volume of Yokai Watch was actually supposed to be released on November 23, 2015. But because of circumstances, the release date is delayed until December 16, 2015.

The Yokai Watch manga is an adaptation of a game developed by Level-5. The comic is illustrated by Noriyuki Konishi and until this moment, it has reached the eighth volume. Yokai Watch follows the story of Keita, a kid who encounters a mysterious machine on his journey in the mountains. His encounter with the machine makes him acquire a gadget named Yokai Watch. With the watch, he can detect the presence of Yokai (mystical creatures in Japan) that haunt people around them.

Other than manga, Yokai Watch is also available in various media from television anime and trading cards.

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