RIXA on the cover of Kosmik POPCON Edition

Amidst the growing availability of foreign comics and media in the country, Indonesian comics are also starting to grow. Kosmik is one of the number of new comics compilation that made its debut in 2015. Published as mook (portmanteau of magazine and book), new editions of Kosmik is to be released every month, and as of November 2015 has released the second volume.

Kosmik MOOK was first released in the event PopCon Asia on August 7, 2015, at the Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, with limited special PopCon Edition. At the launch, the CEO of Kosmik Sunny Gho explained that Kosmik will include the works of some already well known Indonesian comic artists, such as Si Juki, which is very popular on social media right now.

Sunny said that Kosmik’s vision is to become something more than just an entertaining magazine. “Indonesian comics should be able to inspire and introduce Indonesian culture to readers, both Indonesian and foreigners” he added. To pursue that vision, Kosmik promotes Indonesian local culture through titles such as Jamu S.A.K.T.I  created by Ockto Baringbing (writer of Galauman). The comic tells the story of school children who gained super power from drinking jamu (traditional herbal drinks).

Kosmik also presents futuristic theme,s but still with Indonesian elements in it, as seen in the series Rixa: A Dream of Space. Rixa follows the daughter of a palm plantation worker who dreams of becoming an astronaut.

Other than publishing comics on printed media, Kosmik also presents digital media like websites and mobile application, in hope that Indonesian comics will be more accessible for more readers, including for foreigners. “Indonesian comics should be telling the world more about Indonesia. Through reading Kosmik magazines, we hope that readers can gain new ways to look at Indonesia,” Sunny said while closing the launch of Kosmik PopCon Edition.

First edition of Kosmik have been available in Indonesian bookstores from September 2015 with seven comic titles. The website will have five exclusive comic titles that can be read online.

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