Shonen Fight is one of the new comics compilation magazine that recently debuted in Indonesia. it is published by PT Fajar Waka Semesta, a company that will concentrate their business in the field of Indonesian comic industry and aim to expand to derivative media, such as toys & figures or animation. All of which will be adapted from the works in this comic magazine. Shonen Fight is also supported by Masyarakat Komik Indonesia (Indonesian Comic Society, often shortened as MKI) and RIGRATS animation studio.

Unique Editorial System

As one of the comic magazines published in Indonesia, Shonen Fight stands out by adopting the editorial system of Japanese comic magazines to ensure the quality of their work. The magazine involves a professional comic editor from Japan, Yoshihiko Wakanabe, as editorial consultant. He assists and transfers his knowledge to three domestic editors that work in Shonen Fight. With this editorial system, comic artis will get full support from their editors in term of story development, drawing, researching references, visual research, and other supporting activities to give the best result.

Reputable Comic Artists

Shonen Fight involves many different Indonesian comic artists who have already been screened through some tight selections. Mukhlis Nur and Mage, for example, are two comic artists who has won awards at international level. While Mimi N, Cessa, and Maulana Faris are some productive comic artists who already published their works either through book publishers, through online media, or as independent artist. There are also Azisa Noor and Kharisma Jati, who are among the most famous and best comic artists in Indonesia with their unique storytelling and drawing styles. Other names such as the duo Dewanto & Izfah and Bebekterbang (penname of Sinta Damayanti), are “Rising Stars” who published their first professional comics in this magazine.

This combination of comic artists are Shonen Fight’s main strength as a comic magazine in enriching Indonesian comics scene.

Published Every 2 Months

Starting from June 2015, this comic magazine will be published bimonthly (every 2 month), with 4 volumes ready to entertain Indonesian comic lovers this year. With “Hopes and Dreams for Indonesian Youngsters” as their motto, Shonen Fight will “fight” in the front line on Indonesia comic industry with their quality works.

Inviting Other Comic Artist to Participate

Not only presenting the works of their current comic artists, Shonen Fight intends to raise the spirit of Indonesian youth to participate by sending their own works. Shonen Fight invites other Indonesian comic artists to join . Artists can send their work to Shonen Fight, which would then go through a selection process to choose the works that will be published un the magazine.

With the publication of Shonen Fight, it is hoped that Indonesian comic industry, which has been on the rise, will become even more vibrant through these great works.

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