Kopimix is another new Indonesian comic magazine that will be released in this year. While it sounds similar to coffee mix, Kopimix stands for Komik Pilihan yang di Mix (selected comics that are mixed). Though the name implies that this is a comics compilation magazine, it is different from other comic magazines because in addition to comics, it also features a number of selected light novel series.

“4 comics, 3 light novels, in one compilation”

Kopimix itself originated from discussions of the members of Kopi Komik Studio regarding their need for a medium to publish their works. Along with the printed  version, Kopimix can also be accessed digitally through http://www.kopicomicstudio.com.

Before releasing its first edition officially, Kopimix has released a trial edition, numbered 00, that was announced on November through Facebook. But because of high demands that exceeds the target, Kopimix will  release the the trial edition again, while the official release will be conducted on December 20 at Comic Cafe Mon Mon, Bekasi.

Open pre-order for trial edition announced for the second time

In the number 00 trial edition, there are three comics series, which are Pancasukma, Shira Arthur, Rojali Ninja Betawi (Rojali the Ninja of Betawi), and a one shot comic titled Nikah Muda (Early Marriage). While the light novels are Me and My Little Friend, Jump Shoot, and Matured. The comics and the light novels are arranged alternately, so that it will give readers a variety between the comics and the light novels.

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