Comic magazine re:ON Comics announced via Facebook that three of their comics are now available in Japanese through the digital comic publisher Comic Catapult. Comic catapult is an online distribution platform focused on showcasing the best of international comics to Japanese readers. It is owned by Digital Catapult which provides services such as e-book and paperback production, distribution, sales, and, SOKUYOMI, an online shop that boasts a line-up of over 50 publishers and content holders that provide content for a multitude of adoring fans. The comics published are The Grand Legend Ramayana, Me VS Big Slacker Baby, and Chrysalis.

Based on an adaptation from the epic legendary wayang performance Ramayana, Grand Legend Ramayana is Is Yuniarto’s most recent work that was serialised through re:ON Comics since the magazines’ debut from 2013 and is still an ongoing project. Recently, Grand Legend Ramayana has also published its paperback version for the first time.


Me VS Big Slacker Baby was serialised for the first time in the 6th edition of re:ON Comics and the story concluded in the 10th edition. It depicts the story of Arin, a young lady who loves cleanliness and diligently takes care of the environment. Her life changed forever after her school friend Alvan decided to rent a home owned by Arin’s parents to learn how to be independent. How will her life turn out after Alvan’s arrival who is a school idol but at the same time kept such a shocking secret? This comic has also been circulated in paperback version and the second season of the comic is scheduled to be released in the 20th edition of re:ON Comics. This comic is written by Annisa Nisfihani.

Chrysalis is an action comic that portrays the efforts of a girl searching for her identity, which turns out to involve her in a conspiracy theory. It is only available to read online via re:ON Comics at the moment. This comic is written by Yudhaneraga Nyoman accompanied by Lius Lasahido, Ario Murti, and Ignatius Budi as the illustrator.

re:ON Comics is a magazine that consists of a compilation of Indonesian’s comic with a diverse selection of titles and genres. It is produced by PT. Wahana Inspirasi Nusantara and began its debut back in 2013. With just 30.000 Rupiah, you could enjoy a variety of comics with numerous genres to select ranging from action, romance, comedy, fantasy, and many more. Written by Indonesian professional comic writers who can accompany your weekends, re:ON comics releases a new edition every 5-6 weeks. re:ON Comics was introduced for the first time in Popcorn Asia 2013. re:ON Comics can be purchased in Gramedia as well as Indomaret, or online via the official website along with Facebook and Twitter @reoncomics.

The Indonesian Anime Times | original report for KAORI Newsline and translation by Eri Gunawan S.

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