After beginning serialization on Webtoon in October 2016 and made available in various languages, Pasutri Gaje made a new achievement. Five months since its debut, this webtoon already received one million likes from Webtoon readers.

Pasutri Gaje

Pasutri Gaje (literally translated as “Intricate Married Couple”) is a comic originally published by Indonesian comic artist Annisa Nisfihani on her facebook account.The comic tells about the married life of civil servants Adelia and Adimas.

Later, Annisa creates another comic titled My Pre-Wedding on Webtoon as the prequel of Pasutri Gaje. My Pre-Wedding tells story when Adelia was suddenly proposed by her unknown co-worker at the civil service office named Adimas. My Pre-Wedding already got 1.3 million likes on Webtoon, and have been adapted into an audio comic in Indonesian language.

After finishing My Pre-Wedding, Annisa remakes Pasutri Gaje with more detailed story, and serializes it on Webtoon as the second season of My Pre-Wedding.

The comic can be read in various languages, including English, here.

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