The latest comic of the Si Juki comic series, Si Juki Anak Kos London, has been released in Indonesia. Released at the end of 2022, the comic is currently available in various Indonesian bookstores and Pionicon’s official store.

Si Juki Anak Kos London tells Juki’s everyday life as a London college student. The comic was first published in English under the title of The Absurd Life of Si Juki. The original English version of the comic was written by Elena Vitagliano, an Italian comic artist who has won several international manga awards like Manga Jiman dan Silent Manga Audition.

According to Si Juki‘s creator, Faza Meonk, the comic is written by Elena because the comic is originally targeted at overseas readers. “To bridge that (cultural) differences, we want to collaborate with a professional writer who already has experience in creating comics for international audiences.”, said Faza in the comic’s press release.

This collaboration happened after Faza and the team behind Si Juki were invited to London Book Fair in 2019. During the event, they agreed to collaborate with an English comic magazine, Manga Big Bang, to publish Si Juki in English with a brand new story.

Si Juki is a fictional character created by Faza Meonk under Pionicon Management. The character has over 781,000 followers on Instagram, over 447,000 followers on Facebook, and over 174,000 followers on Twitter. The character has also been featured in various comics, merchandise, mobile game, a full-length animated film, and an animated short series available in Disney Hotsar.

Pionicon is a company engaged in the field of publishing and managing fictional characters in Indonesia. Some of the fictional characters that Pionicon manages are Si Juki, Tuti, Pavlichenko, Vusya, and Bedil. Pionicon also supports local creators to develop their Intellectual Property through creative and entertaining content such as comics, games, merchandising, animation, and more.

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