Previously, It was reported that Si Juki, a self proclaimed anti-mainstream character who actually has become really mainstream, will get an animated movie adaptation soon. The movie project is a collaboration with Kumata Studio and Falcon Pictures.

The movie adaptation project had finally been launched in Popcon Asia 2016 event on August 14, 2016. The presentation session was attended by Faza Meonk, the CEO of Pionicon and director of this movie. Also attending were Frederica, a representative from Falcon Pictures, and Dary Wilson from Kumata Studio.

Frederica explained why Falcon Pictures choose Faza Meonk, who is also the creator of Si Juki, to direct this adaptation. The choice is taken because as the creator, Faza already understand Si Juki character inside out. Faza also expressed that it is his dream to direct his own character’s movie adaptation and challenge himself with this new project.

This session also discussed about what happened behind the scenes in the planning stage. Frederica from Falcon Pictures explained that this studio choose to adapt Si Juki because this character has blunt personality and well known lately. Faza Meonk also explained that he had dreamed of Si Juki to get a movie adaptation someday and that adaptation will become another achievement for him.

Si Juki The Movie is planned to use 2D animation format but created with digital animation. According to Faza, this is because 2D animation does not change the style of the character design. 2D animation would help the audience who already accustomed with the art style of original comic. On the other side, Daryl Wilson think that 3D animation has already become the popular style of animation produced in Indonesia, so2D animation can represent the “anti-mainstream” spirit of Si Juki.

The animated movie is planned to be screened in 2017 and right now is still in pre-production phase. According to Frederica, Some popular actors and actresses will get some roles in this movie, just like a Hollywood animated feature which usually starred  well known actors. Faza stated that he is still looking for the actor who is suitable to fill Juki’s role. Aside that, in the question and answer session with an attendance, he also stated that some actors and actresses may made some appearances as cameo.

In production process, Daryl said that one of the challenge is to create Juki’s expression based on his unique eye movements. Each of Juki’s pupils usually face different directions. He said that in animated features, eyes can be important when creating a character expression.

In this launching session, Faza divulged a little about Si Juki The Movie story. This movie will tell story about Juki, an anti-mainstream character who suddenly become so mainstream in Indonesia. In his peak of popularity, suddenly he become hated for a certain reason. At the same time, it is reported that Indonesia will face a sudden disaster. To restore his popularity, Si Juki will try to save Indonesia from that disaster.

This movie will provide entertainment, education, and social critic in its story. According to Daryl, the story will be based on events that happen in our everyday life. Aside from that, he also stated that Si Juki The Movie have big potential for more story development.

At the end of this session, Faza gave Si Juki The Movie limited edition shirts as gift to the audiences. This shirt is only available in Popcon Asia 2016 event and given to only 3 lucky audiences.

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