Spectra Project, an IP development project made in collaboration between Pionicon and Asahi Production, has been officially launched at Popcon Asia 2016 on August 14, 2016. Unlike the launching of Si Juki The Movie that was given a “serious” presentation in a talk show event, Spectra Project had a more “relaxed” presentation by showing a cabaret show featuring the official cosplayers of the characters from the project.

Sniper from Roshan, General Pavlichenko also sung in the launching of Spectra

The launching was opened with a cabaret show of Pionicon characters, Vusya and General Pavlichenko, featuring a theme that is popular at the moment, Pokemon Go. After that, Faza Meonk (CEO of Pionicon) came to the stage together with all the cosplayers to introduce this project to the visitors of Popcon 2016.

Spectra Project is an IP development project that introduces three different comics, they are The Secret of Aura, Azra and Minang Family, and Play & Boom. The stories of the comics are written by Faza Meonk and Yahya M, while the illusration for the comics are done by three different illustrators, Fauzy Zulvikar (Aura), kyriepoda (Azra), and Ahmad Alhamra (Play & Boom). The creators explained how the character design and concept of the comics has evolved from the initial formulation phase to the final phase that also could be enjoyed in online comic platform of Webtoon.

Character design evolution in The Secret of Aura

The three comics of Spectra Project are presented in slice of life genre with different themes. The Secret of Aura presents a romantic comedy-supernatural story of Aura, a ghost who wander in the human world to find her love. Azra and Minang Family comes with a spice of food porn of Minang cuisine, featuring young Azra who faces a dilemma between her passion in fashion and the expectation to succeed her family’s Minang restaurant business. While Play & Boom tells the story of Rio, a young man who created a video channel in Youtube in order to relieve his broken heart after being rejected in a confession.

Three main characters in Spectra Project, from left to right: Aura, Azra, and Rio

Popcon 2016 visitors could choose one title of Spectra Project‘s comics as the most favorite comic in Spectra Project booth. Visitors who filled the survey will get stickers of characters from this three project comics.

Aside from Popcon, readers will also be able to read and vote for the comics online. The comic with the highest polling in the survey will be developed further into a serialized comic. In addition to the serial comic, it is possible that the comic will be released as a motion comic, or even an anime adaptation to be produced by the Asahi Production.

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