After successfully creating comic characters such as “Si Juki”, Faza Meonk with character-based contents publisher company Pionicon ntroduced a new project.  This time, Pionicon will present a project on an international scale. Pionicon will collaborate with one of Japanese animation studio, Asahi Spectra Productions to launch the Spectra Project.

Asahi Production is a Japanese animation studio that has been established since 1973. The company is located in Nerima, Tokyo, and is engaged in the advertising and animation production in Japan. The animation studio has been involved in the production of some famous anime series such as Mobile Suit Gundam, Naruto Shippuden, and One Piece.

Spectra Project will be a cooperation between Pionicon (Indonesia) and Production Asahi (Japan). This project presents several varied stories, similar to how the spectrum of colours have varying wavelengths and frequencies. These stories will have their own uniqueness with a different background for each story.


Three characters will be introduced through the Spectra Project. All three characters have their stories and goals. These characters will be introduced in 3 comic titles, namely The Secret of Aura, Azra and the Minang Family, and Play & Boom. The Secret of Aura presents a school drama with a supernatural twist. Azra and the Minang Family shows the story of a family of Padang Restaurant owner (restaurants selling traditional Padang/Minang cuisine are widespread in Indonesia, courtesy of Minang migrants). While Play & Boom tells the journey of becoming YouTube celebrities in Indonesia. All of these comics come in one-shot format.

The three comics from Spectra Project will be shown to the public during Popcon Asia 2016 event in August 12 to 14, 2016. Visitors can also fill out a survey to choose their favourite comic from the Spectra Project. In addition to the Popcon event, these comics will also be displayed on the website so that readers can read online and fill out a survey.

The comic with the highest polling in the survey will be developed further into a serialized comic. In addition to the serial comic, it is possible also that the comic will be released as a motion comic.

It is also possible for an anime adaptation to be produced by the Asahi Production. It’s time for Indonesian creative work to go worldwide!

About Pionicon

Pionicon is a company engaged in the field of publishing and managing fictional characters in Indonesia. Some of the fictional characters that Pionicon manages are Si Juki, Tuti, Pavlichenko, Vusya, and Bedil. Pionicon also supports local creators to develop their Intellectual Property through creative and entertaining content such as comics, games, merchandising, animation and more.

Spectra Project at a glance

Spectra Project is a collaborative project between Pionicon (Indonesia) with Japanese anime studio, Asahi Production. This project presents three characters in three different comics. The concept of the three stories of the comics was developed by Faza Meonk & Yahya M, with different artists illustrating the stories. The Secret of Aura is illustrated by Fauzy Zulvikar, Azra and the Minang Family is ilustrated by kyriepoda, and Play & Boom is illustrated by Ahmad Alhamra.

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