Born and raised in Hong Kong, illustrator and co-founder of Imaginary Friends Studios, Stanley Lau, has been recognized worldwide for his high-quality artworks for giant entertainment companies such as Capcom, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and many others. Better known as Artgerm, Stanley’s deviantART gallery has been viewed 50 million times and gathered 200.000 active followers from around the world. “I’d like to see art as a community, not as a competition”, said Stanley.

According to him, every person has their own art style, and that is what unites art together. People who love art will pursue to give their best. Currently, Stanley, along with two partners from IFS, are running Digital Design & Illustration diploma program in partnership with 3dsense Media School Singapore. For Stanley, formal education is important in creative industry. “I’m a person who is eager to learn many things, and for me, studying from tutorials and books aren’t enough. There’s a lot of information on the Internet, but not all of them are true. By going through formal education, you can improve your skills and present your art in a better format.”

Stanley himself also needs a bit of time to become what he is today. He also used to struggle making artworks, until he decided to get up and go back to making more artworks. 3dsense Media School Singapore establish a 12-month special program in Concept Design and Digital Illustrations for arts and entertainment industry. This program is open for international applicants; “Stop being a fan and start building a fan”.

Stanley is very active in international arts community. He has attended various conferences in many countries such as United States, Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Popcon Asia 2016 marks Stanley’s third year in the event, and according to him, there’s a lot of improvement for an event that showcases many different arts from various creative industries, whereas in this year’s Popcon Asia, Stanley filled in a Masterclass session in Digital Illustration.

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