Indonesian book publisher Elex Media Komputindo has announced in its forum the list of the publisher’s best selling comics in 2018. In that list, Gosho Aoyama’s Detective Conan once again listed as the best selling comic.

One Piece and Kungfu Boy Legends completed the top three. The amount of One Piece comic books sold equals about 34.56% of the amount of Detective Conan comic books sold, while the amount of Kung Fu Legends comic books sold equals about 33.19% of the amount of Detective Conan comic books sold.

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Ingin tahu komik apa saja yang menjadi jawara dalam deretan penjualan terbaik selama tahun 2018, booklovers? Berikut ini TOP 10 ELEX MEDIA – BEST SELLING COMICS 2018: . 01. Detektif Conan 02. One Piece 03. Kungfu Boy Legends 04. One Piece Databook 05. Si Juki vs Dompet Kosong 06. Attack on Titan 07. One Punch Man 08. Naruto Side Story 09. Assassination Classroom 10. Kindaichi R . Mau tahu TOP 50 ELEX MEDIA – BEST SELLING COMICS 2018? Simak di: . Selain itu juga, inilah ELEX MEDIA – BEST NEWCOMERS COMICS 2018: ● Legenda Naga III ● Komik Ga Jelas ● Regarding Reincarnated to Slime ● Is the Order A Rabbit ● Dear Boys Overtime ● Rock Lee – Full Power Ninja Chronicles ● The Akechi Files ● Akutagawa Case Files ● Memoir of Vanitas ● Partikelir ● Atelier of Witch Hat ● One Piece Party ● Fire Force . Berapa judul yang kamu koleksi masuk daftar ini? Ada judul yang di luar dugaanmu masuk? Mari bergabung dalam diskusinya di: . . . @Jukihoki @fazameonk @pioniconworld @jasmine_surkatty @komikgajelas @jhs_production @ladyvaderindo @kolamkomik @swetakartika @pandji.pragiwaksono #bestseller #bestselling #komik #manga #comic #elexkomik #fiksi #fiksielex #bukurekomendasi #komik #manga #comic #elexkomik #novel #elexnovel #fiksi #fiksielex #bukurekomendasi . #ElexMedia #gramedia #ForumElex #elexinstagram #booklover #bukubaru #buku#pecintabuku #goodreads #indoreader #bacabuku @gramedia44marimakassar @gramediaatmo @gramediaaceh @gramedia_ambarukmo @gramediaarthagading @gramediacibinong @gramediaciptocirebon @gramediacnr @gramediadepok_ @gramedia_expohartonomall @gramediafcl @gramediagajahmadajkt @gramediajember @gramediajogjacitymall @gramedia_kediri @gramedia_malioboro @gramediamatraman @gramediamegabekasi @gramediapandanaran @gramedia_pdgede @gramediaplazamadiun @gramediapluitvillage @gramediasudirmanjogja @gramediasurakarta @gramediatasikmalaya @gramedia_ternate @gramediaworld @gramediaworldhi @gramediaworldkarawang .

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While most of the comics in the list are Japanese comics, Faza Meonk’s Si Juki vs Dompet Kosong takes the fifth place on the list. The data at Elex Media forum shows that the amount of Si Juki vs Dompet Kosong comics sold is equal to about 16.64% of the amount of Detective Conan comics sold. The complete list can be seen in the list below. The exact numbers are not released to the public. The percentages represent the amount of the titles sold relative to the amount of Detective Conan comics sold as the top-selling title.

Source: Elex Media forum

Elex Media also announced the best selling newcomer comic titles that has begun to be released in 2018. Out of the 12 comics in the list, two Indonesian comics are listed, which are Jasmine Surkatty’s Komik Ga Jelas and Sweta Kartika’s Partikelir. Japanese comics in the list include Regarding Reincarnated to Slime, Is the Order a Rabbit, Atelier of Witch Hat, and Memoir of Vanitas.

Adapted from a manga by Gosho AoyamaDetective Conan (also known as Case Closed) tells about a high school detective named Shinichi Kudo (Jimmy Kudo in English version) whose body is shrunk by a poison created by a mysterious organization called “Black Organization”. While the Black Organization thinks he has been killed, Shinichi disguises himself as a kid named Conan Edogawa, solving criminal cases behind the scenes while investigating the mysteries of the Black Organization. This series has been adapted into anime series and some live action drama. In Indonesia, the anime had been aired on Indosiar.

Si Juki is a fictional character created by Faza Meonk under Pionicon Management. The character has over 400,000 followers on Facebook, as well as over 80,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram, with the username @JukiHoki. The character has also been featured in various comics, merchandises, mobile game and a full-length animated feature film debuting in December 2017.

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Source: Elex Media Forum

One of Si Juki comic series that released in 2018 is Si Juki vs Dompet Kosong (Si Juki vs Empty Wallet). The comic is a collection of comic strips focusing on Si Juki’s efforts to look for a job to get some money. It was first released by Elex Media on 9 May 2018. Other Si Juki comics that released in 2018 includes Si Juki Menjadi MainstreamSi Juki Keroyokan series, and Bacotan Bola Si Juki.

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