On Thursday (12/4), the Twitter account of Elex Media’s editors of comics revealed that the Indonesian book publisher will release Kamome Shirahama’s fantasy manga Atelier of Witch Hat. According to the post, the manga is scheduled to be published in the fourth week of April 2018.

The picture in the post also includes the synopsis of the manga:

“For a long time, Coco, a young girl living in a small village, had dreamed of becoming a witch. However, only those who are born with magic talents are allowed to become witches, and ordinary people are not allowed to see the moments where magic occurs. Thus, Coco gave up on her dream, until one day, she accidentally witnessed the use of magic when a witch named Qiflee visited her village!!”

The post also mentions that the manga has been nominated for the 11th Manga Taisho Awards and the 42nd Kodansha Manga Awards in 2018.

Atelier of Witch Hat, or, Tongari Boushi no Atelier in Japanese, is serialized in Kodansha’s Morning Two magazine since 2016 and has been collected into three volumes so far.

Comic book release date schedules are tentative and the availability of the books may vary between bookshops.

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