STAMP is a singer-songwriter from Bangkok, Thailand. His song regularly reached # 1 on Thailand Spotify chart and his YouTube channel has more than 120 million views.

As a national star, he has headlined music festivals with more than 30,000 people in attendance as well as appearing in many commercials for global corporations.

He also runs his own music label ‘123records‘, where he is not only an artist but also working as a music producer.

STAMP has performed at big music festivals in Japan before, however, this is his first time to join a-nation.

The timetables for each stage were announced today and it was revealed that STAMP will perform before SKY-HI, who just released the collab song with STAMP “Don’t Worry Baby Be Happy feat. STAMP” last January.

It’s going to be an amazing must-see line-up that fans will enjoy!

a-nation is one of the biggest summer music festivals in Japan with over 6.1 million in total attendees and it will celebrate its 19th anniversary this year.

a-nation online 2020 will be held online for the first time so fans can join from all around the world.

Moreover, STAMP, who’s been proclaiming that he loves Japan, is scheduled to premiere a new song with Japanese lyrics.

This is his first song that is all in Japanese so we can’t wait to check it out!

Let’s close out this summer at home with Stamp’s sweet vocal performance live from the Green Stage!

a-nation online 2020

Date: 8/29 (Sat.)
Event website:
Ticket: BeyondLive / 2500 coins(equivalent to ¥4,800)
Contact: Event office



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