The Dowa Kingdom, a federation consisted of 13 district, is sustained by a giant agency called Acca. Aside from departments such as firefighter, police, and medical service which are considered vital for it’s citizen’s livelihood, an inspection department whose responsibility is to monitor Acca itself, also resides within Acca. This is the story of “The cigarette peddler”, Jean Otus, Acca’s inspection department’s second in command.


I suppose for most people, things such as bureaucracy, audits, or inspection might looks bland and boring. So how does one delivers these bland things in an entertaining way? well, Acca seems to have grasped the answer. The chemistry between Shingo Natsume’s storyboard & art direction, Norifumi Kugai’s design, Studio Pablo’s hand-drawn background, and the jazzy background music perfectly bring out the nuances needed by Acca. Although it does feels a bit static compared to Shingo Natsume’s previous works, nevertheless Acca still looks nicely polished and is a treat for my eyes. Briliantly succeeded in making bureaucracy and it’s friends looks like a cool and stylish jobs.

And thanks to the source material itself, the dialogues actually managed to nicely presents some of Acca’s characters including Jean himself. They’re just fundamentally interesting characters in general. But I can’t deny that the show felt quite hard to digest and it relies pretty heavily on it’s visuals, so it might still be difficult for some people to actually invest on it’s conflict. So for you guys who might be interested in some “bureaucracy, inspection, and audits with style”, Acca could be the right show for you.

Facts and Figures

Alternative Title ACCA13区監察課
Original work Manga by Natsume Ono
Cast Hiro Shimono as Jean Otus
Aoi Yūki as Lotta
Atsuko Tanaka as Mauve
Aya Suzaki as Eider
Hikaru Midorikawa as Pastis
Hiroki Gotou as Pochado
Hiroki Yasumoto as Pine
Junichi Suwabe as Glossular
Kenjiro Tsuda as Nino
Koji Yusa as Lilium
Mamoru Miyano as Prince Schwann
Ryusei Nakao as King Falke II
Taku Yashiro as Rail
Tomoaki Maeno as Knot
Toru Ohkawa as Spade
Unshou Ishizuka as Kuvarum
Wataru Hatano as Gurus
Yōji Ueda as Ōru
Yuuto Uemura as Magi
Director Shingo Natsume (One-Punch Man, Space Dandy)
Series Composition Tomohiro Suzuki (One-Punch Man, Tiger & Bunny)
Character Design Norifumi Kugai
Opening Song Shadow and Truth by ONE III NOTES
Ending Song Pale Moon ga Yureteru by Aira Yuki
Studio Madhouse
Official Site
Broadcast Date January 10 2017 (1400 GMT / 2100 WIB / 2300 JST)

Screenshots and Trailer

©Ono Natsume/SQUARE ENIX・ACCA Production Committee
©Ono Natsume/SQUARE ENIX・ACCA Production Committee
©Ono Natsume/SQUARE ENIX・ACCA Production Committee

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