As more visual novels are being produced by Indonesian developers, one of the new titles that promises a unique concept is Awakening of Celestial, a visual novel by indie developer Celestial Project. The PCvisual novel brings together two popular elements: idols and transported into another world story.

This visual novel tells the story of Star-Links, a high school idol group that were departing from school to a prom night for a performance that they will never forget. But their path took an abrupt turn when they were suddenly transported into Stellarium, an unimaginable fantasy world.

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In that world, the girls met four young men- Verzenith, Toron, Sync, and Ersiel– who will guide them in their adventure to get back to Earth. But the adventure will become a lot more than a quest, but also a journey of self-discovery for the girls to realize that they are actually not just normal girls.

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This Visual Novel is produced with the following staff :

Director & Excecutive Producer: Aldi Taniadi
Producer: Alexandra Fiorentina
Writer: Snackbar
Main Artist: Villyane
Background Artist: Rialyn K.V
Composer: Vesuvia [Ecky]
Public Relation: Fanny Kurniasari
Investor: Desiy Lauw Taniadi

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Dominica Dea

Atau the time of this writing, there are still no detailed information about the gameplay and other elements of the game. Awakening of Celestial is still in development and is planned to be released on PC around 2018.

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