To celebrate the coming of Eid Al-Fitr, m&c! publisher through the KOLONI brand will publish a comic compilation about mudik (lit. homecoming), a tradition where people living in urban centers return to their hometown to meet their family and relatives to celebrate Eid together. The compilation will be titled Pulang : Sebuah Kompilasi Komik

This theme was chosen to welcome the coming of Eid which will be celebrated at the end of June 2017, when many people will be taking their homecoming leave.

This compilation will feature the works of famous Indonesian comic artists, such as Sweta Kartika (Grey & Jingga, H20 Reborn)Archie the Red Cat (Eggnoid, L.U.V.)Azisa Noor (Satu Atap)Matto Haq (5 Menit Sebelum Tayang); and Rosalina Lintang (SCRAMBLED).

Joining them is Rizukiaeru, an additional comic artist who was chosen from a contest to find a new comic artist that had been conducted in February.

A number of teasers for the comics that will be featured in Pulang

This comic compilation is scheduled to be published on 21st June 2017.

m&c’s KOLONI to Publish Romance Comics Anthology “Permen”

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