Keita Amano is a lone game maniac. When he was shopping for games at a store, he met Karen Tendou, a beautiful school madonna, who is also, unexpectedly, a game maniac. Tendou then invited him to join the Otobuki High School Game Club, together with another newcomer, Misumi Eiichi.

This is a story of a life of a game maniac, Keita Amano, together with many other gamers around him: Chiaki Hoshimori who constantly fights with Amano, and Tasuku Uehara who strived for the real world, but actually really loves games.


This anime talks about the term ‘gamers’ and the many cliches that follows it. Personally I really like the type of comedy shown in this series, where any serious situation can change drastically with an anti-climax. The usage of giant texts on the screen, which are shown many times early in the episode also adds bonus point for comedy on this anime.

The exaggerated traits of the characters are also very interesting, especially Amano who is clumsy and has a problem in social interaction, and also Tasuku Uehara who is overly proud of himself. With a romance-comedy genre and light story telling style, Gamers! is a suitable type of show that can be enjoyed for lounging, mainly for the gamers who can relate to the many gaming terms and habits.

Facts and Figures

Alternative Title  ゲーマーズ! / Gamers! / Gamers! Amano Keita to Seishun Continue
Source Material Manga by Sakina Aoi dan SABOTEN
Cast Hisako Kanemoto as Karen Tendo
Manaka Iwami as Chiaki Hoshinomori
Megumi Han as Keita Amano
Rumi Ookubo as Aguri
Yoshiyuki Toyonaga as Tasuku Uehara
Director Manabu Okamoto (Re:ZERO, IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls, Akame ga Kill)
Series Composition Hiroki Uchida (Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation)
Script Writer Masami Saito (Death Note, Oregairu)
Original Character Design SABOTEN (Naruto)
Opening Theme “GAMERS!” by Hisako Kanemoto, Manaka Iwami and Rumi Ookubo
Closing Theme “Fight on!” by Luce Twinkle Wink☆
Official Website
Official Twitter @gamers_tvanime
Broadcast Date 13 Juli 2017 (1200GMT / 1900WIB / 2100JST)

Screenshot and Trailer


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