After debuting in Popcon Asia 2015, Indonesian comic Avianista by Airdrama will get international release. The news was announced on Airdrama official facebook fanpage on Friday (11/8). The international release is handled by UK-based comic publisher Manga Big Bang. The first chapter is available via Manga Big Bang’s Patreon account.

Avianista is a comic series that revolves around aviation. It tells the life of people who work in aviation business, like pilot, flight attendant, FOO (Flight Operation Officer), and also aviation enthusiast (usually called Avgeek).

Created by Rimanti Nurdarina Baga (illustration), Gerry Soejatman (writer, aviation consultant), and Fadjar Nugroho (producer, Qatar Airways pilot), Avianista aims to introduce the readers about aviation in a popular media. The comic was first released at Popcon Asia 2015 event. The printed version has already sold out and never got re-printed. But the online version has been published on their official facebook fanpage and Webtoon Challenge in Indonesian language.

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