TOKYO GAME SHOW 2017 (Organizer: Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association [CESA, President: Hideki Okamura], Co-organizer: Nikkei Business Publications [President: Suguru Niinomi]) was held from September 21 (Thu) to 24 (Sun), recording 254,311 visitors over four days!

2017 2016 2015
September 21 (Thu.) Business Day 26,564 visitors September 15 (Thu.) September 17 (Thu.)
31,399 visitors 29,058 visitors
September 22 (Fri.) Business Day 31,512 visitors September 16 (Fri.) September 18 (Fri.)
33,634 visitors 29,557 visitors
September 23 (Sat.) Public Day 106,075 visitors (including 10,466 family visitors) September 17 (Sat.) September 19 (Sat.)
98,074 visitors (including 11,294 family visitors) 97,601 visitors (including 10,360 family visitors)
September 24 (Sun.) Public Day 90,160 visitors (including 13,017 family visitors) September 18 (Sun.) September 20 (Sun.)
108,117 visitors (including 14,485 family visitors) 112,230 visitors (including 14,517 family visitors)
Total 254,311 visitors (including 23,483 family visitors) 271,224 visitors (including 25,779 family visitors) 268,446 visitors (including 24,877 family visitors)

TGS2017, with its motto of “Reality Unlocked”, saw a near record 609 companies and groups (of which 317 were foreign) exhibiting. They released new titles and services from a wide range of genres and for various platforms such as home game consoles, smartphones and PCs, making it the most exciting show ever. This year, the renewed e-Sports event called “e-Sports X” in particular drew the attention of visitors and the press from both Japan and overseas. Impressively, the e-Sports movement is continuing its rise as a movement, with lively discussions held on the theme of “The Potential of e-Sports in Japan” as part of the keynote address.

In addition, companies engaged in vigorous B2B negotiations during the event. 1,250 companies registered for the business matching system “Asia Business Gateway”, surpassing last year’s 1,149 companies. This demonstrates the growing importance of TGS’ role as a hub and an international exhibition that broadcasts what is happening in Asia to the rest of the world.

Next year’s TOKYO GAME SHOW is scheduled for September 20 (Thu) 2018 to September 23 (Sun) 2018 at Makuhari Messe. Look forward to it.

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