As of 10 December 2017, Machiko Manga School in Kemang, Jakarta, has ended its activities, coinciding with the end of its September-December 2017 term. The decision to end the manga school’s activities has previously been announced on 12 September 2017.

However, for Professional Class in September 2017-April 2018 term, as well as some students of online classes, the class is going to continue until the term ended.

The school is also going to hold a garage sale in mid-January 2018.

Founded by Japanese manga artist Machiko Maeyama, Machiko Manga School or MMS had been one of the oldest institutions in Indonesia that offer courses in making comics. Promoted as “the first Manga School in Indonesia”, since 2002 MMS has played a role in the development of comics industry in Indonesia, with some of its alumni are claimed to have debuted with major publishers in Japan and United States, and many others have also went to study more in Japan.

The Indonesian Anime Times

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