On Friday (16/3), the Twitter account of J Trust Group revealed official characters for J Trust Bank Indonesia, an idol group called “MOE.” The tweet mentioned that the character group is modeled as the seiyuu unit Earphones, and designed by illustrator NOB-C, who also provides illustration for Earphones’ second album Some Dreams. The picture on the tweet shows the characters using the same costumes as the ones used by Earphones for the Some Dreams album.

J Trust Bank Indonesia has also released official profile for MOE on their website. The release introduces the trio as girls named Sora, Lily, and Mion, who goes a school named Velocity Gakuen on the planet Gliese 667 Cc, 23.62 light years away from Earth. The girls are friends who, although having different traits, shares interest on anime and music. Sora, Lily, and Mion joins the voice acting club and form an idol group named MOE to enjoy their school life. The release does not mention if Earphones will voice the characters, or other details about the collaboration.

Earphones is a voice actress (seiyuu) trio that consists of Marika Kouno, Yuki Nagaku, and Rie Takahashi, who first appeared in the anime Sore ga Seiyuu in 2015. They have released five singles and two albums, with the newest album Some Dreams has been released on 14 March.

The teaser for the album Some Dreams can be seen in the following video.

Previously, some Indonesian banks has also made their own characters for virtual assistant services that helps costumers to manage their account, such as Vira from Bank Central Asia and Cinta from Bank Negara Indonesia 46.

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