Four years after the release of DreadOut, Indonesian game developer Digital Happiness finally announced the release of its sequel on Steam. The news wad revealed on their social media account where they release a one minute teaser of the game, titled DreadOut 2.

The information on its Steam page reveals that the core game mechanic, which involves ghost hunting with supernatural-powered smartphone, will still be presented. Some new elements mentioned are the setting that will cover a small city, side quests, and new battle mechanic. Unlike the last game that used the Unity game engine, the video reveals that the sequel will be developed using Unreal Engine.

The city in the teaser of Dreadout 2

The developer, Digital Happiness, is an Indonesian game developer based in Bandung, West Java. Established in 2013, the studio is well known as the developer of DreadOut, an indie horror game that was successfully developed through an international crowdfunding campaign which succeeded to reach US$ 29,067 in their Indiegogo campaign. A film adaptation of DreadOut has also been announced this year, which is directed by Kimo Stamboel (HeadshotKillersMacabre).

Prior to this game, Digital Happiness has also released another horror game titled DreadEye. The game is a virtual reality horror game, released on 28 November 2017 on Steam.

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