On Saturday (11/6), Digital Happiness, the developer behind the DreadOut series, announced a new game horror game titled DreadHaunt. While the release date is not announced yet, the alpha demo of the game is currently available for free on the game’s Steam page until June 20, 2022.

Digital Happiness describes DreadHaunt as an online horror multiplayer game where the players will play as agents in a certain mission. However, one of those agents is actually a ghost who will hunt other players. Without knowing who is the ghost among them, the other players have to survive the game while doing their objectives.

Here’s the game feature according to the DreadHaunt‘s Steam page:

  • Horror and Deceptions
    Play either as an agent or the demonic possessed one that is hiding among us.
  • Unique Ghost Hunting Tools
    Utilize retro equipment mixed with quirky local’s ghost hunting tools.
  • Secure. Contain. Protect!
    Play as one of the Class E field agents and containment personnel to secure and establish initial containment over a designated anomalous entity, objects, or supernatural phenomenon.
  • Challenging gameplay
    In this asymmetrical multiplayer game, no two DreadHaunt play-throughs are ever the same. No one knows who will be possessed during the game, and which ghosts will appear.
  • More content, more scares, and no microtransactions
    Have fun selecting your favourite character skins, customize your emotes and enjoy our future updates that contain new maps, ghosts, characters, and game modes. Bringing a new level of Dread just for you. No microtransactions. Just DLCs.

The developer, Digital Happiness, is an Indonesian game developer based in Bandung, West Java. Established in 2013, the studio is well-known as the developer of DreadOut, an indie horror game that was successfully developed through an international crowdfunding campaign Indiegogo. In February 2020, Digital Happiness released the sequel of DreadOut, DreadOut 2, on Steam.

Other than the DreadOut series, Digital Happiness has also released another horror game titled DreadEye. The game is a virtual reality horror game, released on 28 November 2017 on Steam.

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