On Saturday (11/6), Indonesian game developer Stairway Games announced their next game Coral Island. According to their social media, the game will be released on October 11, 2022, as an early access game. The game will be available on Steam.

Published by Humble Games, Coral Island is a farming simulation game developed by Stairway Games, an Indonesian video game studio based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. On February 1, 2021, Stairway Games launched the Kickstarter campaign for the game. In less than two days, the game reached its first goal of getting USD 70 thousand. The support keeps coming and on February 27, 2022, the game finally reached the final goal of getting USD 1.250 million.

Here’s the game feature according to the game’s Steam page:

  • Build Your Dream Farm
    Transform your overrun land on Coral Island into a lush and lively dreamscape—you decide what to build, what crops to grow, and which animals you’d like to tend.
  • Write your own story
    On Coral Island, the story changes with each passing season, but life just goes with the flow. Spend your days exploring, or find that special someone in town to build a life together. Save the seas, brave monster-filled caverns, or focus on perfecting your farm. It’s all up to you.
  • Be yourself
    Choose from a wide variety of outfits, accessories, and physiques—you’ll find plenty of options to express yourself, find your style, and be whoever you want to be.
  • Befriend a diverse cast of islanders
    Get to know the 50+ characters from all walks of life who live on Coral Island. Converse with them, find out more about their interests and try to impress them with just the right gift.
  • Find that special someone
    Meet 20 singles who are ready to mingle! Build relationships, sweep them off their feet, and find the one—and when you’re ready, embark on a new chapter of your story together at the farm.
  • Restore an island once paradise
    Make Coral Island a better place for everyone! Take part in community projects to liven up the town, expand the local museum, and discover how to restore heritage sites. Increase the town’s rank and your community will thrive!
  • Catch of the day
    Island living has a lot of perks, including being just a stone’s throw away from fun activities like hunting for insects and catching fish.
  • Dive the ocean & mine the caverns
    Go diving to restore the coral reef, or mine precious gemstones in the cavern. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll find loot to hone your tools and upgrade the quality of your livestock and crops.

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