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BRANZ Mega Kuningan Full Anime Commercial Released on YouTube

The animated commercial for BRANZ Mega Kuningan is a collaboration between the developer Tokyu Land and Studio Colorido.

BRANZ Mega Kuningan Teases “Special Animation” to be Released on YouTube...

The ad for BRANZ Mega Kuningan luxury apartment complex teases more story to tell next year.


Discussing Social Issue in Japanese Mystery-Thriller Novel With Rikako Akiyoshi in...

As a part of Asian Book Festival event held by Penerbit Haru, KAORI Nusantara was invited to attend an online discussion with Japanese novelist Rikako Akiyoshi.

“Rent-A-Girlfriend” Anime First Impression: The Social Construct of The Need for...

Why does one even need a girlfriend in the first place? Despite it's hard-to-sympathise-with protagonist, "Rent-A-Girlfriend" could be an interesting starting point for discussing that issue.

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