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“Tokyo Revengers” Live Action Film Premiere Date in Indonesia Revealed

The "Tokyo Revengers" live action film has been confirmed to start showing at Indonesian cinemas in October 2021.

“Tokyo Revengers” Live Action Film to be Screened in Indonesia

The live action film adaptation of "Tokyo Revengers" manga comes soon to cinemas in Indonesia.

“Gintama The Very Final” to be Screened in Indonesia

Gintama returns to Indonesia for a (supposedly) "real final" adventure in May 2021.


Opinion: Hachiman, Mikage Sakurai, and Self Identification in Moe Character

How can somebody self-identify with a moe character? The author shares his thoughts on how Mikage Sakurai from "Asteroid in Love" helps him understand himself.

Do Indonesian Fans Read Light Novels? Survey of Interest Towards Light...

In early 2020, KAORI Nusantara conducted a survey to see the interests of Indonesian fans towards light novels.

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