Do you know Lashinbang? It is the largest Japanese second-hand anime goods store network, which has 43 stores in Japan and 3 stores overseas (HongKong, Taipei, and Seoul). It sells a variety of otaku items such as figures, cosplays, doujinshis, CDs, DVDs and so on.

On 23rd February, Lashinbang Akihabara New Store, the flagship store of Lashinbang, appointed Sithle, a famous Japanese  cosplayer, as a one-day store manager of its store and hold collaborative event with her there. Many cosplay fans came to see her and enjoy photo session with her. Last December, Lashinbang opened Facebook page & Twitter account in English and anime fans all over the world already follow us, and followers of that Facebook page has already reached over 3,000 followers.

Lashinbang has recently opened two new online shops, Shopee Singapore & Malaysia for Singaporean & Malaysians respectively.
And also Lashinbang plans to open in Shopee Thailand on 2nd March.

Furthermore, Lashinbang is recruiting franchise partners of “Lashinbang” especially in South East Asia. If you are interested in managing Lashinbang franchise store in your country, please contact us via Facebook message on our English page.

Facebook page
Twitter @Lashinbang2
e-bay Lashinbang Store
Shopee Singapore
Shopee Malaysia
Lashinbang online

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